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Let's not rush to judge Gashumba!

By Abbey Semuwemba
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Ugandans should be careful not to write much judging Mr.Frank Gashumba because its difficult to trust law enforcement organs that are openly known to be partisan. Arresting Frank and publicly humiliate him in front of the cameras feeds nicely into the prevailing stereotype that a lot of opposition leaders are doing illegality while at the same time criticizing Museveni. Sometime the best defense, or rather revenge, is silence on the issue the govt expects to dominate social media.Not every arrest warrants a heated debate.Our silence and refusal to be proactive has a causal effect on those doing partisan stuff. This incident should instead prompt a much-needed conversation about partisan policing, partisan CMI, partisan army, partisan justice and the treatment of those that write opinions against chairman Museveni.

Yes,there's an urgent need to address and diminish drugs and corruption in our communities, but we should be wary of aligning ourselves with elements that use that objective to tear us down, further divide us,distract us from Togikwatako, and propagate the same old tropes through new means.

Basically,I think we need to be patient and listen to what Mr.Gashumba is gonna say in his defense before we pass any judgment, that's my stance. Falling back and listening and learning!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba


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