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Nigeria's Endorsement of Ogoni Abuses is Frightening - MOSOP

By Fegalo Nsuke
​Picture shows Nsuke(wearing a face-cap during the peace match).
​Picture shows Nsuke(wearing a face-cap during the peace match).
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Nsuke said it was shameful that the Nigerian state, with representation on the U.N. Human Rights Commission will be stinking with abuses and is failing to address the problem in over 2 decades since the Ogoni people rose to challenge these abuses perpetrated against the flock by Shell Petroleum.

Nsuke said the situation in Ogoniland is degenerating with lots of people being endangered without a voice to speak out to the world.

Citing the incident of Thursday where soldiers dispersed a crown of peaceful protestors in Tai, Nsuke said he was assaulted by one of the soldiers simply because he took photographs. He said a female reporter for The Nation newspaper was also assaulted by another soldier for recording a speech by the media aide to the MOSOP President, Bari-ala Kpalap.

The MOSOP spokesman however assured that the Ogoni people led by MOSOP will not give up on the struggle for a free Ogoniland neither will the battle to secure a future for the Ogoni people be lost.

"The Nigerian Government thinks that by inflicting hardship and hunger on us, we will give up the struggle for freedom but I will assure you that no matter the strength and might of the Nigerian soldiers, Shell and her collaborators, we will never give up our struggle for a free Ogoni neither shall we loose in this fight for our rights to be respected by the Nigerian state: Nsuke said.

He further stated that Shell has sponsored the killing of thousands of Ogonis in military repression and we hold them responsible for the killing of 9 Ogoni leaders including Mr. Ken Saro-Wiwa in 1995.

Nsuke re-iterated that the Ogoni people completely reject Shell because they have caused the people unforgettable pain, they have destroyed livelihood sources, they are inhuman and do not deserve to return to Ogoni for any reason whatsoever.

"I want to insist that for the Ogoni people, Shell is a monster which should be kept very far away from us". he said.

The Ogoni Peace Project on Thursday, October 26, 2017 organized an peaceful match in Bori, the traditional headquarter of the Ogoni people, as part of its efforts to promote peace in the area.