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Yoruba Liberation Command (YOLICOM) urges Army to suspend vaccination of Yoruba pupils

By Yoruba Liberation Command (YOLICOM)
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The Nigerian authority should immediately suspend the ongoing vaccination of pupils in Yoruba territories. In a statement on Wednesday, the Yoruba Liberation Command, (YOLICOM) said the vaccination should be suspended forthwith. The group said the resistance of the pupils in Ondo State was an indication that Yoruba people are unhappy with the Nigerian government.

YOLICOM also accused the Army of killing a 20 year old boy, Mr Sadiq Ismail a native of Ona Ara in Oyo State. The Army left with his dead body. The incidence took place this Tuesday morning at the New Market around Marwa Area in Lekki, Lagos State. “The boy was shot without any provocation by the Army who threatened to kill his friends who protested the killing”

“What you see in Ondo is a confirmation that the people are unhappy with those in power. It is a clear indication of breakdown of trust and the collapse of the bridge of confidence between the people and the Nigerian Army. It’s a clear sign that Yoruba people will not defend the Yoruba Army and will not support its fascist and anti-people policies. It shows a rejection of Operation Crocodile Smile by the Yoruba people. Inspite of the fraudulent claims that the soldiers are in Yorubaland to fight crime, what we have seen in Ondo State shows that Yoruba people do not believe the lies of the Army.”

YOLICOM stated “We urge the Nigerian Army to immediately suspend the vaccination of Yoruba pupils. The Yoruba pupils do not trust the Nigerian Army. They know that the Nigerian Army is an enemy force that has come to dominate and subjugate the Yoruba people by force of arms. The people are wiser than many people who claim to represent them. We are glad the pupils listened to our persistent campaign that they should not participate in the vaccination exercise.”, the YOLICOM statement signed by Bashir Ibirogba stated.

YOLICOM said public trust between the government and the people has broken down and that no responsible Yoruba parent will allow their children to be vaccinated by an Army that has consistently proved to be against the interest of the people.

“While the Army is proposing vaccination of Yoruba pupils, the same Army is harassing and intimidating the citizens through “Operation Crocodile Smile” which is already taking high toll on the liberty and freedom of Yoruba parents. At present, Yoruba people are being harassed and intimidated. They are being humiliated and abused by the soldiers. How can these came soldiers turn around that they want to vaccinate our children?”

YOLICOM urges Yoruba people across the South West to continue to boycott the vaccination.

“We urge Yoruba parents to boycott the vaccination exercise. You cannot trust an Army that hates you with passion; an Army that has no respect for human lives cannot claim to protect human lives. An Army that shoots innocent civilians at will cannot claim to love the people. An Army that destroys and burns our homes, rape out mothers cannot be our friend. An Army that sees our people as “bloody civilians” cannot give us hopes neither can they protect our people.”