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Panic In Customs: 61 sacked, 16 Others retired for certificate forgery

By The Nigerian Voice
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The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has dismissed no fewer than 61 officers for offences ranging from certificate forgery, improper examination and fraudulent release of containers.

The list of the affected officers which was obtained on Monday showed that 16 other officers were retired from the Service also for certificate forgery and refusal of staff order.

The document showed that 41officers who were investigated and tried were exonerated, 22 officers were issued with query while five officers were given written warning to be of better behaviour.

Two of the officers who got the hammer were of the rank of Comptroller of Customs while three were Deputy Comptrollers of Customs.

Others were nine Assistant Controller and nine Chief Superintendent of Customs among others.

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By: ekosiwa. accra/ghana