Shining Star

By Melanie Miller

You are to me, that shining star,
that glistens and flickers so bright, at night.
You are the moon, the wind and the rain,
and you take away all the my life.

I struggle through sin and strife, and sometimes...

life just cuts like a knife...
but, you are always there to protect me from all harm.

You have been my friend for as long as I can remember.

We met in the month of December.
You always take good care of me,
and you see my faults but you have blessed me with your love,

even though I am not perfect.

You take all this pain and turn it into something beautiful.

You shall always be my shining star, no matter what come what may.

And you make a rainy day, and turn it into something wonderful.

You will be my shining star, forever and you shall always take me into,

your arms and make me feel giddy inside.

So there is no sense in hidding my feelings and my thoughts from you...

as you can read me like a book, and I am hooked on your love,

my gentle prince and you will always be there for me, no matter what.

You shall take the gold from the rainbow and give it to me, and you will proove

your love to me such as a gentle kiss, a tender embrace and a soft hug as well.

I can tell, you love me so much, just by showing me how much you care.

You are by far, that special butterfly, that soars around my soul.

And with you, I lose all control. are my shining star and I shall be your angel in time,

and together we will soar on those blanket of stars and unite as one.

the end.