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Nigerian Political parties still operate with military mentality - Akande

By Nofisat Marindoti, The Nigerian Voice, Osogbo
Chief Bisi Akande
Chief Bisi Akande
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The first National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Bisi Akande has expressed worries over what he described as the pervasion of military mentality in the Nigerian political system.

Akande said the operators of political system and the Nigerian political parties are still operating with the military mentality of governance and with impunity.

He spoke on Monday at his country home in Ila, Osun State in a meeting with Pan Yoruba group, the Yoruba Patriotic Movement.

According to the former governor of the state, the military’s orientation of controlling the political parties after leaving power is still being practiced by the democratic government in the country, whereas it is the people of like minds who ought to get together, form their party and run it the way they deem fit.

He noted that when the military left government, its agenda of controlling the political parties was achieved through various electoral regulations since most political operators learnt under the military.

Akande maintained that political parties should be independent of government legislation, arguing that it is political and not government structure.

The military, according to Akande, introduced governance with impunity into the government and the political parties.

He lamented that majority of the current political party leaders grew or learn politics under the military arrangement, saying that those who knew what the military did have left the shore of political leadership.

“Political party grew in hierarchy system in those days; whether you are tailor, bricklayer, carpenter or whoever, you must learn politics through your political party. You cannot just rise up and say you want to become this, you want to become that in the party. You must learn first. Political party was a leadership training ground.

“But the military deliberately killed that system. The military wanted to be controlling the political party after they left power. The military created political party like NRC, SDP during Babangida’s time; we would remember the five leprosy fingers of General Sani Abacha. After they left government, they made regulations for the political parties through the civilian government.

“Up till date, military mentality still pervades our political system. Unfortunately, those who knew the military plan have left the political party leadership. Majority of the people at the leaderships of the political party are those who grew or learn politics in the military arrangement." he said.

Speaking on the degeneration of ‘core value’ in Nigeria, particularly in Yorubaland, Akande said it was difficult to get a sincere and good future leader among the youths, since the recruitment of such leaders is from a debased background.

He said, “The core value system is no more in place. We have a mixture of the negative and positive tendencies among the youths. The negative tendencies are more than the positive ones. How do we get sincere and good future leaders in the present society?, Akande queried.

On the South-West agenda, Akande stated that the core value system must be reintroduced and there was a need to have a programme to integrate the youths into the system, adding that there was need for education advancement in the region.