By NBF News

Governor Obi

The election of February 6, 2010 has finally come and gone and our ever ebullient and affable governor has been given another opportunity to continue affecting and impacting lives. A victory that is well deserved, judging by his unprecedented catalogue of landmark achievements in every sphere of governance.

For the records, Mr. obi remains the only governor who still returns unspent security funds to the state treasury every month, he still remains the only governor whose controversial tenure elongation and determination suit has added colour and vibrancy to the nation's jurisprudence. He still remains the only governor who has championed unusual revolution in the judicial and political system of Nigeria.

It is even more amazing that the governor was reported to have paid in a substantial sum of money to the coffers of Anambra State University just before the election of Feb 6 2010, a selfless overture that was made to ensure that ongoing developmental projects in the school are sustained, in an unlikely event of his not returning to power after the elections. This very unusual display of transparency and distilled honesty gives more dimensions to the syllogism that: refined thoughts create a good habit, a good habit creates a good character and a good character creates a refined gentleman.

Your Excellency, you have done so well so far, we salute your sense of pragmatism and purpose which you have showcased so far in executing viable projects through your Anambra State integrated Development Strategy (ANIDS). Through this initiative, you have been able to bring all round development at the door step of every Anambra man. There is scarcely any sector in Anambra State that has not benefited from your gesture of funding functional development e.g. hospitals, schools, workforce etc.

Indeed Sir, you have done noble but I would like you to turn you searchlight on the capital territory itself. The impression anyone coming to Anambra State would have about your giant strides in development would depend to a large extent on how beautiful, elegant and picturesque, Awka is. You would have probably noticed that there are a lot of abandoned projects in the state, most of the network of roads traversing adjoining streets in Awka still have no ashphalt. It is particularly worrisome that 'Abuja Estate phases one and two have remained abandoned for some years after former Governor Mbadinuju initiated construction on these sites.

Sir, I implore you to rewrite history by revisiting these projects. Abuja phase 1 estate is located directly in front of government house Awka. It is very strategically located and has the potential to give a tremendous face lift to the Government house, since any body going to the Government house from Onitsha, Enugu, Nsukka, Markurdi and Lagos through the Enugu-Onitsha express way easily spots this magnificent estate. But to maintain this Architectural master piece which incidentally accommodates the building structures of such notable names as 'lento aluminum', Nkwo Nnabuchi and 'Sumec Oil ', there is an urgent need for beautification of the estate by planting flowers, providing street lights, providing tarred roads and drainage.

An estate as massive as 'Abuja phase one with 101 plots, seventy developed houses and aesthetic topographic layout should not be left in the dungeons. Anambra State Government must galvanize actions towards developing this strategic indigenous assets. Individuals who have plots in the estate must be advised to develop them or have their Certificate of Occupancy revoked. Awka still remains the coveted bride and pride of an Anambra man and it is the major gateway to the state. We shouldn't fold our hands and watch it wear a decrepit look.