Rainbow of Dreams..

By Melanie Miller

Come with me to a land of never land, and fantasies and I shall make all your dreams come true.

Sail with me on the ocean of blue, and romance me into oblivion.

Take me into your arms, and caress my long tresses, and I shall be all yours, and yours alone.

You are the angel, I been searching for all along.
You make me feel content all over, and make me feel strong instead of weak.

You are someone I could fall in love with, and hold at night.

So take a splendid flight with me, on that rainbow and magickal dreams,

and make me wanton for you all the time.
You can make me feel sublime and you have that knowledge, I have longed for all my life.

You are the old oak tree full of wisdom.
You are the sun that shines in the morning and you are the dew from the green grass...

and I wish to always be close to you, and be your one and only lass.

So take me for the taking, there will be no mistaking, that we shall unite in harmony and peace...

and I shall find solace in knowing that you will be near and dear to me, as we slide down...

that rainbow of dreams...

the end...