By Melanie Miller
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Memories of a time gone past,
of you and I...I think of fondly of.
You made all my dreams and wishes come true,
tis' true..and only you can make me see reality,
for what it is.
You are the one that I desire and I wish to quench my thirst,

by drinking your love in.
You made me feel alive inside my heart, and I thought we would never part,

but you broke my heart into pieces, now shattered glass it is, and I am here, trying to fix...

the puzzled pieces together once again.
You left me in tears and tormoil and agony.
Why did you leave for?
Did not I make you happy?
Did I make you feel, that I did not love you somehow?

Surely you knew I longed for your touch alone, and that I always wanted you to stay in our home...

I think of all the fond memories of you and I...of yesteryear, and think of the love we shared and the times...

we cared.
I would take a dare to kiss your lips devinely once more, and hold you close to me.

You wore that vision of loveliness, I seeked for so long, and these memories of you and I...

keep flooding in.
I can not win your love back again, this I know..but someday, you may think fond memories of you and I...

and sit and cry a river, such as I have, to have you back in my life again.

So think of me one day, I hope and I pray, and I wish in my heart of all hearts to have you back someday...

to stay forever and always.

the end...