Call for Partners for EMRC’s AgriBusiness Forum 2010 Interested parties urged to get behind this year’s focus on Food Security

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31 May 2010, Brussels, Belgium
Organisers of the AgriBusiness Forum invite interested stakeholders, businesses, organisations and brands from the agro-food, food security, agri-business, sustainable development and African agricultural sectors to support the upcoming event.

Jointly organised by EMRC and the Government of Uganda, the AgriBusiness Forum 2010 is scheduled to take place from October the 3rd to the 6th in Kampala, Uganda. Held in Africa for the second consecutive year, the Forum will focus on “Food Security: a Business Opportunity” and the role that Africa's private sector can play in improving food access.

The AgriBusiness Forum 2010 will approach the current food security issue as a positive and promising opportunity for the African agro-food sector and explore the myriad of opportunities it presents in generating agri-business throughout the continent for Africa's needs as well as export.

Over the 4 days, the shores of Lake Victoria will buzz as delegates attending the conference put their heads together and discuss the role of the private sector in improving food access and sustainable agricultural development, access to finance and funds, increasing agricultural productivity, pre and post-harvest intervention, commodities, inputs, R&D, private sector growth and investment.

“As we know, many regions across the continent of Africa provide the ideal environment for successful food production - the forum will bring together the right partners who share the common goal of boosting the agro-food sector across the lush continent and commiting to strong and stable project partnership and creation. ” Idit Miller, Vice-President & Managing Director, EMRC.

Sponsors at “AgriBusiness Forum 2010” are select organisations partnered on the basis of the nature, pragmatism, impact and innovation of their activities, as well as the potential contribution and value they add to the programme. The sponsorships amassed will help to spur the attendance of small and medium size entrepreneurs from Africa, as well as NGOs from Africa and Europe, thereby driving practical and tangible outcomes and results at the conference.

EMRC is pleased to announce that the Novus International , Syngenta Foundation, FARA (Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa), AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa), AECF (Africa Entreprise Challenge Fund) and KPMG have joined Rabobank Foundation, FAO, USAID and Stanbic Bank in sponsoring the AgriBusiness Forum. Other partners that recently joined the European Unionin supporting the AgriBusiness Forum includ the East African Community(EAC) and Winrock International.

The AgriBusiness Forum 2010 will gather around 400 professionals including representatives of the private and public sectors, entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, consultants, multinationals, development agencies, research institutes, foundations and international organisations from Africa, Europe, America and Asia. The organisers are looking to partner with development organisations, private companies, financial institutions and experts that care for the growth of the African private sector. Interested sponsors and partners are urged to contact EMRC for further partnership information on .

For further information, please contact:

Caterina Giulano
EMRC, AgriBusiness Forum Project Manager
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Tel. : +32 2 626 1518
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