Justice Alfa Belgore To Be Named Tomorrow As Inec Boss

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A man who has been proven to be undemocratic, anti-democratic, a pro-military judge, and one who worked against the oath he swore to uphold as Nigeria's Chief Judge, Justice Salihu Modibbo Alfa Belgore, is touted to be named tomorrow as the new Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Belgore whose country home is reported to have been in celebratory mood since two days ago told some of his confidants that the news that the INEC Chairman will be named next week is not too exact. He was quoted to have been contacted, met with the President and given his consent to be so nominated and that the National Council of States meeting in Abuja tomorrow will receive his candidacy and rubber stamp it as all the members have been reached.

Justice Alfa Belgore had never hidden his disdain for democratic cultures. As a younger judge he gave out all manners of interlocutory injunctions and judgements. Even as the new Chief Justice of the federation taking over from the reverent Justice Mohammed Uwais, he said at the book launch in Uwais' honour: "Even military regime must have some dictatorial tendencies because that is the only way it can be successful. People say they are not allowing human rights, that they suspend the constitution. So people look at them and say their coming was illegal. Certainly, common sense dictated at that time that those portions of the constitution should be removed. They came to cure a malady in national development; malady of ineptitude, of corruption and divisive tendency!"

To make it clear that the new INEC boss is not fit and proper to hold that office, we bring you another of his comments. Sometime in 2008, Rtd. Justice Alfa Belgore delivered a keynote address at the Save Nigeria Movement Conference in Kaduna. And I implore the reader to ferret out the logic in this extract from his presentation. "There is nothing wrong with the constitution; the problem is our lack of patience, which has led to constant threat of instability. Instability was brought about by constant change of government through unconstitutional means. These changes have militated against a sound and reliable blue print ... Nigeria has been blessed with many good leaders, but the followership is a different thing. Azikiwe, Ahmadu Bello, Awolowo, Akintola, Okpara, Tafawa Belewa, Gowon, Murtala Mohammed, Obasanjo ( as a General), Buhari, Babangida, Abacha, Abdulsalami etc. were good leaders who came with zeal and a mission to serve, but were vilified while and after leaving office. History has been kind as the ultimate judge God has created, we shall perhaps see the judgment of history." (Guardian 09/12/08).

Belgore says instability through unconstitutional change of government has worked against development and thereafter awards garlands to the very agents of the instability! What a logic! Again, when you juxtapose those comments with earlier ones made shortly after his appointment as CJN - that the military came to cure a malady in national development - the inconsistencies of the former CJN and the new INEC boss are laid bare.

Justice Saka Yusuf, remember him? He was the former Chief Judge of Kwara State who doctored his age with affidavits. He was the oldest member of Belgore's class in the Provicial Secondary School in Ilorin. The man who handed over to him, Justice Timothy Oyeyipo was Yusuf's junior in secondary school by eight years. Yusuf it was who lied he was born in 1942 and graduated from secondary school in 1951. There was 12 years difference between him and Belgore. Meaning Belgore graduated from secondary school at the age of three!

A petition was written by the people of Ekiti in Kwara State. The National Judicial Council (NJC) under Justice Mohammed Uwais advised Yusuf to resign and never to consider having occupied that office of the Chief Judge. Weeks later, Uwais retired. Belogore took over. Belgore not only accommodated Yusuf but helped him to retire gracefully as a Chief Judge with all perquisites of office! This is the colour of our new INEC Chairman.

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