Fans come for actress, Madam Saje for Attending Church in UK with Singer, Sir Shina Peters

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Nollywood actress, Fausat Abeni Balogun better known as madam Saje, has been having great time in the United Kingdom, where she traveled for vacation about a week ago.

During ususal Sunday service, the actress decided to go to church despite being a Muslim knowing that we all serve same God along with veteran singer, Sir Shina Peters, but this did not go down well with some of her fans.

Her Muslim faithful fans decided to read meaning to her attending church which they feel is an insult to their own religion but she had no reply for them.

At least for those that understand the meaning of the ISalmic language you will be able o understand what they are trying to say blow;

shukkylooks: Auzubillah Mina shaytan Alhaja in soutana.Astagfirullah.

bonike_qudrat: @shukkylooks ahudul mina shaytani rojeem 😢 gìdì gan nì ooo