By Usman Mohammed

The cries and wailing in Maiduguri ring out tonight. The screams of

anguish and torment break through a silent night as no one sleeps

From the Barracks to the citadels of learning, the weeping and

inconsolable wailing of women and children attains a height unseen in

over 3 years as Bolo Haram Strikes back.
Contrary to the refrain that Boko Haram has been "technically"

defeated the terrorists have hit the soft underbelly of the nation,

inflicting heavy casualties and disrupting the strategic plans of Bubu

and the gang.
For Millennia, the pipe dream of the Northern Elite was to find Crude

oil in commercial quantities in the North. This strategic plan has

gained even greater significance in this period of agitation for

restructuring and a rejig of revenue allocation formulae. The

contraption called Nigeria is on shaky legs as ethnoreligious strife

has polarised and seperated the nation into two opposing camps. And as

the fault lines expand into an insurmountable chasm, it is now

imperative to find oil in the North lest the South chose to close the

taps and suffocate the life blood of the nation that the North depends

Thus the Chad Basin NNPC exploration team is a project directly under

the thumb of PMB, his grand master plan to further enrich the ruling

APC Oligarchs, who after sharing all the oil blocks in the South are

waiting like hungry fat cats seeking to lap up the milk of a great oil

find coated with the prospects of sharing brand new oil blocks.

Hence the strike by Boko Haram on this
strategic Exploration Team sent shock waves through the spine of the

regime. The kidnap of the members of the exploration team and the

massacre of their military escorts was a deathly blow to the Chad

Basin exercise. And this is Boko Haram, an ideological group that

cannot be bribed with security contracts nor reasoned with, hence the

fear that if left unchallenged the message sent will scare away all

from investing in the PMB Master plan for Nigeria.
Thus the kidnapped Geological Team were high value hostages the regime

could not ignore as against the 10 Police Women in Boko Haram custody

who are currently languishing in oblivion as the regime denies their

existence. Hence the signal from above was as clear as crystal:

"Pursue, recover and destroy all enemies with extreme prejudice"

Hence with lightening speed a Hostage Response Team was tasked with

pursuing the retreating Boko Haram vanguard. However the Task Force's

Hot Pursuit was met with stiff resistance as they walked right into an

ambush of heavily fortified insurgent positions. After a horrendous

lethal fire fight, the insurgents bowed to the superior fire power of

the gallant Nigerian troops and withdrew into the shadows leaving

behind their dead but carrying away the injured on their backs.

By the time the dust had settled 48 blue
casualties were recorded against 15 red bandits, 5 erudite scholars of

the University of Maiduguri, who were members of the Geological Team

lay on the battlefield in a pool of blood, victims of a lethal

crossfire. 33 gallant soldiers were felled innthe battle of the Chad

Basin which included annOfficer and strike leader. 10 Civilian JTF

volunteers completed the casualty list as they died a hero's death and

will definitely earn a place in the halls of Valhalla were the brave

and bold live forever.
Late in the night, the corpses of the dead and injured hit Maiduguri

from the battle front. And like wildfire the news of Boko Haram 's

latest treacherous exploits hit the city turning a dark night into a

theatre of mourning.
And as the cries grew to a crescendo, the wails of the bereaved

reached the ears of the Acting President as he was shocked to the

marrow how a defeated enemy could attain such military might and

capability overnight.
Hence the service chiefs were summoned to his table to explain the

reasons behind the heavy losses.
Heads bowed and contrite, the excuse of the Service Chiefs centred on

the heavy rainfall in the country that has hampered the deployment of

air assets. Infact most of the nation's combat aircraft and

reconnaissance air assets are grounded following the lost of a Mi24

Hind in extreme weather conditions during a combat sortie at the

This is indeed a tangible excuse however the change in command of the

7th Division and the deployment of Major General LI to Niger Republic

has allowed complacency to creep up behind the military brass. This

writer has always maintained that this musical chairs to place

appropriate Almajiri at the strategic helm will come back to haunt the

perpetrators of nepotism, right from the get go.
Piqued by the events at the Chad Basin, the Acting President has

ordered the suspension of oil exploration and the withdrawal of all

local and foreign expatriates involved in the project. This will not

go down well with those who were already salivating like Pavlov Dogs

awaiting the chime of the bell to dip their jaws into the juice morsel

of new oil blocks. However the safety of Nigerians and foreign

expatriates trumps the greedy ambitions of a few fat cats. This is a

commendable move by the Acting President who must be supported for

soon the usual suspects will hit the air waves with fake news that he

is part of the evil Southern Agenda to scuttle the dream of OIL IN THE

NORTH. Expect the beasts of no nation to release their propaganda

within the next few days.
Desperate to restore law and order to the Wild Wild North East, the

Acting President chastised the Service Chiefs for their complacency

and ordered them to deploy immediately to the Command Centre in

Maiduguri with a view to kill off the serpentine terrorists.

Meanwhile the families of the dead and dying are left alone in the

dark to mourn their loss.
One can only implore the authorities to swiftly despatch their

entitlements and ensure the Victims Support Fund gives them a worthy

stipend that will cater for the needs of the families of our fallen

It must be said that while the North East burns, PMB is having a good

time in London, enjoying his status as the Living Dead President and

tourist attraction . His kinsmen are unnaturally quiet as the sands of

the region become caked with blood. No more shouts of cluelessness

because its now the son of the soil supposed to be pulling the apron

strings from far away Ogbodo Oyibo. But now the chickens have come

home to roost; the cat has caught their tongue, for nepotism disguised

as quota system is the benchmark that is used to control their lips

and minds.
But as a final word, one wonders if the end is nigh for the

foundations of the Mallamization known as Almajiri policy of Goodluck

Jonathan has met its first real opposition as the courts have decreed

the use of outrageous cut off marks to grant entry into unity schools

by Mallams, under the toga of being educationally disadvantaged, is

said to be unconstitutional and should be halted immediately.

This landmark ruling finally ends the question of why someone should

claim to being educationally disadvantaged for over 50years and are

happy to remain "Ba Turanci" for the rest of their lives and for

generations to come. Why waste valuable spaces in the nation's unity

schools on those who don't merit it and are more inclined to embrace

Western Education is a sin than the fountains of knowledge. This if

carried through, will serve as a wake up call to the leaders of the

region who prefer to indulge in gang bangs in dingy hotels or invest

billions in hotels for fornication in the south instead of investing

in education and jobs to lift the region out of poverty.

Scary but the neglect of the region by its leaders who has been the

greatest undoing pulling the Nigerian state backwards. Besides if a

man with a impeccable record can attain the highest office twice and

lead us into recession without the skies falling, is there truly any

motivation to embrace education? Besides they send their children to

the best schools overseas and those taking classes under the Dogonyaro

tree are not complaining. Indeed a people get the leadership they

The latest U.N. report on Nigeria states the country has the highest

number of out of school children in the World, put at 10.5 Million,

with the majority residing in the North . From them forms the pool of

Boko Haram recruits and until this problem is addressed all the

service chiefs in the world barking orders from a command centre will

never truly defeat Boko Haram.
Uproot the problem from its source and its branches will wither away.

However the political will is not there to check this trend for

nothing is more edifying on earth than to have a retinue of mindless

zombies who can be manipulated at a whim on election day to deliver an

undeserved mandate.