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Seyi Law is Just Trying to Revive his Dead Career with my Name…Kemi Olunloyo Blows hot

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Seriously, fans are beginning to get tired about the beef between comedian, Seyi Law and controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, as the two have been at each other’s neck for a while.

The heat got stronger, when Kemi decided to pick on the comedian’s daughter which got everyone angry at the swipe at the little baby, Tiwa, who knows nothing, yet Kemi is not rready to back down.

Recently, Seyi Law granted an interview to Punch where he stated that Kemi claims to be a US citizen same as his child and as such, he can decide to sue her. “She claims to be a citizen of the US and my child is a US citizen. I could decide to sue her in the US and she would pay out of her nose.”

But Kemi did not find this funny as she took to social media to hunt the comedian with abusive words claiming that he wants to use her too revive his dead career.

“Comedian #SeyiLaw has been seeking attention from me this week doing a Punch interview trying to trend so he can revive his DEAD career. SeyiLaw is using a popular Nigerian celebrity tactic to “step on Kemi’s toes, she gets mad, replies me and revives my dead career lol. SeyiLaw told Punch that I’m BRILLIANT! No doubt, 3 1st CLASS US degrees put to use in a country where lawyers are comedians and rappers.

“The truth is that #SeyiLaw fans are illiterates. I have noticed most brainwashed by the medical word #OBESE. His daughter is OVERWEIGHT! SeyiLaw told Punch he can SUE me in the US for calling his child “fat”. This is what happens when u have anchor babies. Clueless parents. SeyiLaw & wife anchors their baby to America to get a US passport but don’t know the laws. America has a FIRST AMENDMENT #FreedomOfPress. SeyiLaw can’t even sue me in the US even if I called his baby a “TOAD”. Even saying his lawsuit cash will pay for his kid’s education

“SeyiLaw fans, pls STOP telling me to leave his child alone. He needs to stop insulting me in the MSM. I’m still the one that TRENDS!! SeyiLaw’s kid and I also carry Nigerian passports. Why not sue me here? He told cops a blogger called Tiwa #KungfuPanda. They laughed! SeyiLaw needs to apologize for telling my mom she should have KEPT HER PLACENTA and THROWN ME AWAY! Those words hurt my mother GREATLY! Even #SeyiLaw fans are sick of him @instablog9ja a popular Instagram platform telling him to STOP showcasing his child on #socialmedia.”

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