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I Can Forgive a Cheating Spouse not Forget…Actress, Omotola Jalade

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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These days, fans wake up to hear various forms of failed marriages and broken relationships based on allegations of infidelity or cheating spouse and these go beyond repair.

Fans have seen lots of unions that have failed with many not having a forgiving heart but for Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade, there is always a space in her heart to forgive only if the man confesses and apologise.

According to her, “Should one forgive a repeatedly cheating spouse? The first question to worry about is, why are they cheating repeatedly. The problem with us these days is that we are not patient. The sin is very bad but the first thing we should do is assess the situation and the person in question. The questions are: who is this person really: is that the only problem?

“Is this person a perfect person and the only problem is cheating? You have to weigh your options. For me, as a person, is this something I want to deal with? I have met a lady who told me she didn’t care what her husband does. You can’t judge other people’s relationship, only they, can decide what to do. If it is just about cheating and nothing else, one may be able to live with it but when the person is hopeless, that’s another matter. Everyone knows I can forgive anything if they tell me. Just make sure I know. If my husband does anything, I will expect him to tell me.

“I can get angry but if you tell me you are sorted, because I can defend you. I may still be angry with you but I will defend you because you have told me. To me, honour is important. At that point I feel honoured. That is how my own brain is wired. If you are honourable enough to tell me I will respect you.”