Group attack Wike on NLC leaders in Rivers State

By Niger Delta Forum For Buhari (NDFB)

A group, Niger Delta Forum For Buhari (NDFB) has described the treatment meted out to the NLC national leadership in Rivers State by the Governor of the State, Chief (Barr.) Nyesom Wike as an outburst of someone who lacks respect for the labour.

The Chairman of NDFB, Chief Okeh Emokiniovo Taiwo, said to accuse the NLC President, Ayuba Wabba, of not fighting the present administration led by Muhammadu Buhari as was the case with past administration under Goodluck Jonathan shows how morally bankrupt Governor Wike is.

"It's a mark of irresponsibility to insight Nigerian workers against Buhari administration because the circumstance of Nigerian under Buhari is quite different from what obtains now. While as Minister of Education, Wike was part of a wicked machinery that supervised colossal wastage of the nation's wealth at a time oil price was quite high.

"It takes an irresponsible leader like Wike to come around now to instigate labour against Nigerians", he said adding that under past administration Nigeria had so much that it operated excess crude account compared to now things are so bad that even Governor Wike cannot pay workers pension arrears, salaries, promotions even when his state is one of the richest in the country.

He wondered between Governor Wike and Ayuba who earns the respect of the Rivers workers in view of Wike's inability to render account of how much he has spent since his two years in office to the people of the state in spite all accusations by the people of the state.

"Investigation has shown that Wike is busy buying all the lands and properties in Port Harcourt. At the appropriate time, Wike should be ready to dance the music he is composing", he said.

The group further accused Wike of sacking some Caretaker committee Chairmen in the state without ordinary query or reprimand saying that shows how disrespectful Wike is to workers.

The group challenged Wike to conduct Local Government Council Election in the state instead of adopting undemocratic caretaker system by which he corners the allocations accruing to the councils and give peanut to his boys that he appoints as CTC members .

"It is only the fools who do not understand the antics of Governor Wike. A man who pays criminals by giving them wayo amnesty but would not encourage the law-abiding youths. It is because of his promotion of criminality that Rivers State has lost its gentility and peace for which it known. A man who has comfortably turned the state assembly to a mere rubber stamp, deaf and dumb lawmakers who do not and cannot feel the pulse of the people they claim to have elected them.

"Same way he was treating his Commissioners until when out of frustration his Information Commissioner resigned. Recall also that it was out of frustration that his former Spokesperson resigned at the early stage of the administration".

"Governor Wike does not have the moral uprightness to accuse the labour or the present Federal Government but because of his pedestrian antecedent, and his attitude of talking before reasoning, he derives pleasure at such;" the group said.

It challenged Wike to count how many times he had made unguarded accusation against Governor Amaechi and Federal Government but later chickened out when called upon to present prove or substantiate.

"Poor traders, fulkernisers and transporters etc are being chased around the state where after supporting Wike during election, he decided to chase them out from their business areas. Ayamakara, Mgboshimini, Eagle Island and many areas were low income earners resides are crying because of the Governor's demolition without providing alternative position for them".

"Between Wike and NLC, it is obvious that workers and the masses will look up to labour for hope instead of a man who governs without conscience" the group said.

Chief Okeh Emokiniovo Taiwo