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The screen goddess and one of the respectable personalities in the movie industry in Nigeria today, Mariam Apollo has denied ever having any affair with Charles Obazele.
The rumoured affair was alleged to nearly destroyed Charles Obazele's marriage was bluntly denied by the movie idol Calabar woman of essence.
In a rcent chat with her, she was shocked when we informed her of the insinuation going round about her love tangle with the producer.
Mariam who informed to be hearing about the allegation the first time from us also said "honestly, i am short of words and amazed that such things have been said about me without my knowledge. The only person i ever dated in this industry is Ramsey Nouah a very long time ago and thank God, he's someone's husband today. How would someone ever imagine that!. I have never dated any producer or marketer in my life" the well endowed actress and scripts interpreter bitterly said.
By: Alonge Michael