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President Goodluck Jonathan, former head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida and other notables will grace a book launch next Wednesday. Palia Consult in conjunction with Parliamentary Collective, a consortium of legislative consultants committed to the growth of the legislature through capacity building, enthronement of ethical leadership and promotion of the values of good governance and international best practices, has packaged a book; a definitive publication; to celebrate 50 selected icons of the legislature.

The book titled: '50 Legislative Icons-The Story Of A Transformative Legislature', chronicles the enduring legacies of a crop of men and women of courage with steadfast commitment to the development of Nigeria; our fatherland by initiating and contributing to the enactment of laws that ensure the greatest good for the greatest number.

The assessors were guided in the assignment by critical factors anchored on objective paradigm. The nominees are therefore, a product of thorough inquiry and research based on the following criteria: sponsorship of bills, contributions at plenary, leadership on contending issues within the polity, attraction of democracy dividends to the constituency and exemplary conduct as a positive influence on the society.

The 50 distinguished men and women nominated are those who have through their robust contributions brought honour to the legislature, either at the state or national level.