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Hi Funke, hope you are fine. Your article titled 'Obj on the march again' was superb. The man is just phenomenal as far as Nigerian politics is concerned. While we blame him for all our woes, he is very passionate about Nigeria and history has it that twice, he has prevented this country from breaking apart. May God grant him good health. — 07059747999

'Baba on the march'. Who is his candidate? This we may know when Ribadu fully swings into action very soon. His pardon is not for nothing.

— Gboyega, Kaduna.
Obj is a force in Nigeria today. He is one of the greatest Nigerians I respect. I think he is the only leader Nigeria has had, despite our leadership tragedy. Without him most of you his critics, as I used to be, would remain slaves to retrogressive imposition. Obj is a god, a liberator, but then Nazareth did not recognize Jesus. — Victor.

Thank you for 'Obasanjo on the march again', you are so right. Only God will save us from our docility.

— 08033115552
It may not matter now that President Yar 'Adua is dead. But the truth whether you believe it or not is that Yar 'Adua was not on dialysis in 2007. — 08036011930

For every Pharaoh, the red sea is still waiting. OBJ, despite all his Shenanigans, is a mere mortal and his own day of reckoning will surely come. And Ebora Owu will not have the last laugh at Nigeria. I bet you. — Kayode, Kaduna.

Obj is the best tragic hero; a hero turned villain. Thank God he is still alive to choose to rise from his fall and make amends.

— Terkule Aorabee, Jalingo.
Truly, Obj is the master of the game and there is no reason Nigerians should continue to heap blames on him for all our failures and inadequacies. Rather, our politicians and society at large should blame itself for the cowardice and corruption arising from fear of the unknown occasioned by institutional dishonesty. Hope you have read the Alamieyeseigha's interview on Obj's onslaught against him? If what Alamieyeseigha said about Obasanjo is true, then Obasanjo is worse than Lucifer. — Alh. Dr. AB Tsav, Kano.

About five years ago when millions of Nigerians were shouting impeachment o, baba must go, Obj just looked at us and said 'I dey kampe'. Recently he lambasted the Christian Association Of Nigeria, putting (CAN) under his foot.

It is only a man who has pact with God to torment Nigeria as you out rightly observed and still dey kampe. Please let me ask you if you are to receive the list of people that will make paradise from God today between Baba and IBB, who would you choose? I reserve my comments, may the Lord continue to increase your wisdom. — Sadiq, Abuja.

You have made my day. Obj is a practical man with no time for perambulation and frivolities. How I wished he got third term, because Nigerian would have been better.

— Lanre, Kuje-Abuja.
I am just reading your article 'why our past is better than our present'. It will remain like that in Nigeria because many of our leaders do not have a record of their past and would rather repeat mistakes of their past. My elder brother got a scholarship to Government Comprehensive Secondary School in Port Harcourt in the 1970's, yet my parents did not know where the Ministry of Education in Rivers State was.

— Ani Dickson, Enugu.
Madam, do not say yesterday was better than today. God commanded that in the holy book despite the glaring departure from our little comfort of yesterday. We are better off in many ways, and do not forget also that we were forewarned of things which would happen that at the end it would be every one to his tent. Jer. 45:5, Matt. 24:2,12,13. 2 Tim. 3:1-4. — Lagos.

I do not miss The Sun weekend papers just because of your article. You write with so much simplicity. The answer to the question on why our past is better than our present is corruption. I was in primary 2 in 1970 in the rural public school at Kuta near Iwo (Osun state) you mentioned in your article when Nigeria marked her 10th Independence.

The soft drinks (Mirinda) and plastic plates were distributed to every pupil by the government. Today, our politicians and civil servants will vote money for such events and misappropriate everything.

— Bashir Akande (Algeria)
Why is our past better than our present? I wept profusely when I read your column. May God help us. — Usman.

I met 50 kobo meal at ABU Zaria for only one year in 1986. the truth is that there is no fake presidential power. Let our president, Goodluck use that same power in all aspects to better the living standard of Nigerians. — Dr. Subete, Lagos.

I sympathize with your concern for our state of affairs now and thank you for calling Jonathan's attention to our needs. They are aware of all these problems but greed and self satisfaction would not let them attend to them. Just keep doing your bit until God's intervention. — Lai Ashadele.

Now that you have pedophiles as senators and agberos as governors, cultists and bloodhounds, and all kinds of lack luster and visionless people, who know the essence of governance and what good to use money for. With our present leaders, our past will remain better than our future. Our past leaders, the likes of Awo had vision and conscience. These present ones are animals. They eat their young ones. — 08033552187

In the 70s, there was a debate in my Secondary school, Ikeja Grammar School and the topic was 'We are happier than our fore-fathers' I opposed it and was criticized. Our past in this country is fast becoming better because vices have overthrown virtues that have let princes walking on foot and slaves riding Donkeys. — Don, Lagos.

Your write-up on 'Why's our past better than our present?' really refresh my memory of the good old days. Permit me to say that Sunday Sun is my Sunday tonic! — Biodun.

'Why is our past better than our present' is brilliant. I know space did not permit you to add that in your days, an indigent student could go through tertiary institution depending mostly on bursary and scholarship. The problem is that the generation that enjoyed these is the one subjecting us to hardship. My fear is what will happen when this suffering generation takes over. A man that has not been shown mercy should not be expected to show it.

— 08033516722.
My sister, after reading this I felt sorry for this my dear country.

In 1988 as an undergraduate, I took my girlfriend out with N5. We took two plates of pepper soup, a bottle of beer and a bottle of fanta.

May God liberate us from the wicked hands of these wicked people. — Chuks, Lagos.

Your piece on 'In the departure lounge' is really a very touching and encouragement to the elite of this country as death is supposed to send a signal warning to them especially to those at the elm of affairs of this our great country. Mostly like the businessmen who think that they can eat their CAKE and have it.

They use millions of DOLLARS to purchase the most expensive jet for their comfort, yet those working for them can't afford a good meal or even a bicycle . They should know that all this is VANITY. In fact they should visit the graveyard to see the GREAT MEN OF THIS WORLD with their talents, vision. Let them learn from that.

Indeed the president is free from lies at last. Shame unto the liars. They will be in bondage on earth and will remain servants in hell.

— Garba
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