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My Backside is Just Thick and Rounded I’m have not added Much Weight

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer, Yemi Alade, is back to giving reply to anyone that tries to give any form of conclusion about her just the way she did recently.

The singer recently shared a picture of herself giving that majestic work to the hall for her performance and some caring fans had to call her attention to the way he presume she was adding weight.

Yemi wasted no time in replying that it’s so sad that they cannot point the difference between a big backside and an added weight.

Here is how the convo went;
Cool_youngboss; @yemiAlade My baby you are starting to add too much weight please to work on yourself as usual

Martinz007: you are adding weight
Yemialade: @martinz007 So sorry dear. It’s obvious you can’t tell the difference between a thick rounded buuty and ‘mere weight’