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Actress, Mercy Aigbe Promises Hubby to Take Down Domestic Violence Pictures

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Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, has shared a chat with her hubby after he came on a private chat begging her to remove all the pictures of domestic violence she has been posting on her page.

Mercy might still be in love with her hubby but she is not happy with the way things turned out especially when beating is involved.

During the private chat, Mercy made her hubby to promise that he will never raise a finger on her anymore which he promised never to.

Sharing their chat publicly, Mercy wrote, “Why will a man who obviously beat his wife, try so much to deny what he did? My take is because he knows what he did is wrong and apparently he is ashamed and cannot own up to it...... Let us be very careful of what we do especially when we are Angry as we might not know the consequences of that action.......Violence like I keep saying does not and will not solve anything, let us learn to control our anger at all times..... Arguments are bound to happen between couples but under no circumstances should we let it result to violence! Nobody has a right to hit, his or her partner regardless. Battery and Assault is a CRIME!”