Darkness in Your Soul

By Melanie Miller
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Darkness lies in your soul.
The ghosts in your mind, scatter..and take refuge in your spirit.

You find yourself lost in a tunnel of time, that you can not escape from.

Venom and poison are in your heart.
You want to tell others lies and are cruel, callus and cold.

You think you are strong and bold, yet...you are mean spirited and hate,

is your middle name.
Yes darkness is inside your mind.
And I find you to be spiteful towards me and others.

When will this hatred end and when will I be free from your lies?

You tell everyone you meet how great you are, but I am here to say,

You aren't no shining star.
One day...you may wake up and realize all the hurt you caused me and for others.

Maybe then, you can begin to be a better human, a better person indeed..

One not full of envy, jealousy or greed...
but for now, you are nothing to me or no one else, and you need to see what others see in you.

So...look into that mirror of vivid dreams and see what I see and maybe then you will begin to change,

but for now, you are sinister and deranged.
You need to look into that mirror, tis' true and see for yourself, what you are like...your soul is bitter and tainted,

and the hate you have in your soul, is nothing to smile about.

You need to see what damage you have done and try to be a new and better person...

But for now, you can not change and never can if you do not take that first step towards being someone with integrity and love.

You may then find yourself a nicer person if you make this first step...and be someone, deep down, you...always wanted you to be.

the end...