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Buhari As Pawn: Denying A Gravely Ill Man His Dignity

By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju
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Led by Tanimu Yakubu Kurfi, they did same thing to Yar'adua. They denied him his dignity until he died. Sadly, the northern political incubi are doing same to Buhari, denying an old, gravely ill man his dignity. When will these power mongers know how to be a human being? How can a people like power so much that they do not respect boundaries and decency? Did they learn anything from Yar'adua's handling? Was that fun while it lasted?

Buhari is fighting two grave illnesses that requires positive energy, support and prayers from all of us, love from his family and care from his doctors. These demons who wear power like body suit will not let him. Cancer is not a joke! Crohn's disease in a man fighting cancer, makes a bad case worse. These illnesses will test anyone who has no worries other than his immediate family. Why bother this man with cut-throat intrigue and conspiracies? Why not allow him the comforting presence of his family, the competence of his doctors without a spot of bother about Nigeria?

I was pained by the "Sallah message". It was not necessary, be it in Hausa or English. That wasn't even an interview. Our ailing president was made to read a script under a pretext. He read it, struggling to breathe. His pain was palpable, his voice was stressed! They grabbed it and branded it as Sallah message because they underrated our ability to make connections and it backfired spectacularly! The unthinking greediots in an attempt to douse the rumor that Buhari has lost the power of speech, released a message in Hausa to all Nigerian Muslims not caring about any fallout and any consequence. They are determined to strip this man of dignity, determined to rubish him till the end. They are determined to speed his death, if it will advance their political calculations.

Where are Buhari's children? No fool can do this to my father. I will bring hell down! What kind of nonsense is this? Are his family complicit in this show of shame? I know the cultural limits the wife has. His children do not have that. They should rescue their father. Those who showcased Yar'adua in his dying days have moved on leaving Turai and her children. His children should remember that. Here is a man we built the hope of a new Nigeria on, the man we called Baba with so much love and affection, the man we believed in so much and voted for being reduced to a rag doll to be tossed around. It is as sad as it is confounding. President Buhari should be allowed to fight the battle for his life with dignity and in dignity. These props aren't working. Leave him alone!

I am sorry, Nigeria is screwed! I'm staying optimistic because I can't imagine pessimism. Nigeria is being set up for conflagration. Unfortunately for us these people have enough money to last ten lifetimes and they have their children in the West or in the gulf states. May patriots be empowered to save Nigeria from destroyers.