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President Goodluck Jonathan
The issue in the politics of today is the guess on whether President Goodluck Jonathan should contest the 2011 presidential election or not.

He is already there in power by special circumstances, and the next level is for him to either jump into the arena and slug it out or back out as the North still argues that the PDP zoning favours them to continue from where the late President Umar Yar'Adua left off.

But time shall tell whether Jonathan should risk it or stay away. It is an issue Nigerians could not agree on. As some urge him to run in 2011, others say he should not. But on when to declare his intention, most who say he should run, argue that he should rather keep watchers guessing and not make his plans known now as to betray any intentions and cause the scale to tilt against him in the hands of political jobbers. They feel he should instead concentrate on governance and let the issue of his declaration take care of itself as time goes on.

Tom Ikimi, statesman
President Goodluck Jonathan is a member of the PDP and the choice of who should be their presidential candidate rests with that party. I have heard them talk about some North-South zoning arrangement, which has no place in the nation's constitution.

The PDP is a party of unusual compromises and can produce anything and at anytime. I am not a member of the PDP and would, therefore, refrain from advising them on this or any issue. I am nevertheless aware of tremendous pressures from the Niger Delta as well as the South South geo-political region on Jonathan to claim a full tenure of the presidency for the region. The argument of neglect from the highest level of power over the years is compelling. I believe this development and pressure must be of interest to the president. However, it is my view that it is not time to declare that it is as if he is interested. What is urgent now is for him to lay a solid foundation for electoral reforms, power, national security, then tackle corruption, unemployment, Niger Delta unrest and perhaps deliver good roads.

Dr. Mike Okoro, (Vote for Jesus) politician
As a true Nigerian that wants the good of this nation, I will not advise Jonathan to contest at all. The unity of this nation is paramount. Nigeria has been on power rotation in PDP. After Obasanjo, the party zoned the presidency to the North. The tenure of the North has not expired, it is only proper that next year the zone should produce another president that will continue the tenure in line with the constitution of the ruling party.

Those of us who witnessed the civil war will never subscribe to anything that will bring trouble. Jonathan has done very well for the unity and peace of this nation. So, nobody should convince us that the zoning arrangement doesn't matter. There is a lot of sentiment in this nation. Tribalism, individual differences and other divisive antics grow everyday. It is most proper to allow the North to complete its tenure. If I were Jonathan, I would rather subscribe to run with any person from the North as running mate.

Dr. Bisi Abiola
He should declare his intention. The earlier the better, so that the issue can be laid to rest once and for all. There should be less distraction so that the country can move forward. It is even good for him to make his intention public, rather than the several speculations making the rounds. Then, again one can say it is his prerogative to choose the appropriate time to speak to the nation about his plan for 2011. Whichever way the people should be informed.

Pastor Daniel Moses
He should declare now because he will win, but he will not complete his tenure, as he will end in December 2012. If Jonathan wants to run for presidency, he will win the 2011 election but before 2012 December, his good luck will turn into bad luck. The choice is his. I have told Obasanjo last week and more than the ordinary man can hear and understand. Mark my word, no man will sit on that seat of power for more than two years again until 2013. Get ready for revolution that will make the rich including Jonathan to swap position with the poor. Before 2013, my vision for this nation will manifest. I am the tender plant from the side of the North of Kogi State to steer Nigeria to her prophetic destiny. I am coming soon. Nigeria should get ready for me because I am coming with the sword of justice. I don't prophesy without it coming to pass.

Prof. Pat Utomi
Why must he say what he wants to do now? Whenever he evaluates issues and thinks that he should come out and tell Nigerians, then he will. There is no big deal about it. We behave like a group of jobless people, we should be busy with the business of nation building not that Jonathan should come and declare for presidency. Whenever he is ready, then he tells those he wants to inform.

Dr. Austin Epunam, businessman
Well, he belongs to a party and God that made him president. If the party says yes, what can we do? We should also remember his divine powers in modern politics without struggles. However, Nigerians need and expect more of his good luck because we have suffered so much to deserve a good leader. He should not come out yet because of the nature of Nigeria. There could be unrest in the country.

Prof. Chibuzo Nwoke, NIAA
Yes, he should but I am sure he is not politically suicidal. So, I can appreciate his hedgy disposition now, until the time is right. And don't forget the fact that he is in PDP.

Gloria Egbuji, CRIVFON
What stops him from thinking first? As you know, hasty decisions for such important decision may not be strategic enough. Let him take his time and survey the murky waters of Nigerian politics before doing as he has a right to do so.

ACB Agbazure, lawyer
All Nigerians contesting election have not declared their intentions. He should not be stampeded into that now. He may even say that he does not want to contest but may be urged by Nigerians to do so if he performs well. I urge Nigerians not to distract him, let him focus on major issues.

Barrister Ekeonu, right activist
Let him come openly and declare his position now since the constitution permits it. I think those calling him not to contest, don't have any reasons for that. The constitution permits him to run, and there is no way the PDP zoning arrangement should be above Nigeria's constitution. Those talking about zoning should know that the space should be wide.

Ernie Onwumere, advert practitioner
It is his personal decision. It's not a Nigerian issue whether he wants to contest or not. It is not right to take drugs for another person's malaria. He is not disturbed, and that does not disturb anybody from doing his or her normal duty. And it is not part of the electoral act that if you are running, you should let the public know about it now. They should stop disturbing him, after all when Yar'Adua came out nobody knew his intentions. He just emerged overnight because PDP said they have a lot of contenders. PDP met 24 hours and Yar'Adua's posters started flooding everywhere. He should not be bothered. Ambition is of the mind, but if it becomes an electoral issue, the president should let the public know, the decision is entirely his.

Azu Obiekwe, lawyer
The president should not be stampeded into declaring his intention. It is too early for the president to delve into such a project. It is entirely his decision to choose whether to announce it or not. He should concentrate on directing the affairs of the nation. Nigerians should leave him alone and besides, we know that the man is strategic. He will expose himself to other contenders who will jeopardise his ambition. If PDP gives him a go-ahead, nobody should stampede him to contest.

Emeka Enyinnaya, banker
I am sure he is weighing his options and consulting too. He has to put his structures on ground, test them and be sure they are running before he declares. Early announcers are the easiest to shoot down, and then your opponents will perfect their arsenal. I desire him to run and win. So, let him keep them guessing.