Memorial Day!

By Melanie Miller
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Remember all the men that fought and gaves their time and lives for this country.

They risked it all for the good ole' U.S.A.
I will give them honor and praise as they fought the nights and days...

for us to have a better land to live in.
They died for us, all the young men and the old ones as well.

They did this country a great service..all the men did when they went to war.

So what's in store for them, should be medals and tons of them.

They had no guilt or shame in their hearts, souls and mind.

And some people feel they should not of fought for this Great Country of Ours! they had not of fought, America may not of been America to this very day!

So, I say a great big Hallelujah and hip hip hooray for the troops of the good ole' U.S.A.

the end...