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I wish I had the power to change the red and white colours of all team England's merchandise in stores to green-white-green. I wish I could change the St George's Cross flags waving from cars and across streets to a big green cross in a white background.

Perhaps, that would've been possible if St George was Nigeria's patron saint. As I've just found out, it's the same St George's Cross on Greece's flag but in a different colour. Everywhere I turn, I'm 'assaulted' by England's preparation and excitement about their team in the coming World Cup.

I did ask a few weeks ago whether Nigeria was going to the World Cup. Is there more evidence now? And I don't mean the football readiness. Or the dinner in Abuja. Are our streets wearing a new look of green-white-green flags? Is anyone selling quality Nigeria/Super Eagles-related merchandise?

Long before now, I tried in vain to buy a Super Eagles' jersey. When I came home during the Easter holidays, I was still unsuccessful. No, I don't want any of those with questionable logos in the market made from God-knows-where. Why can't I simply walk into a Grand Square, Sahad or Bomas shop and buy what I want? It doesn't even have to be a big shop.

The shops here are selling things ranging from the obvious – balls, jerseys for adults and kids – to the not so obvious items like earrings even (red) vuvuzelas. These are not necessarily big shops. Apart from meeting people's patriotic needs, there's money to be made. So, how come no one knows where to buy a (good quality) Super Eagles' jersey? And I prefer a female one, please.

I know some people are going to wait till the morning of June 12 to roll out hastily sewn 'Made-in-Lampese' shirts. Or some who think they're smart will wait to see whether we'll advance to the second stage. Even if that's the case, there's still space for merchandising. The fact that you think Nigeria's last match in South Africa is on June 22, when we play our last group game against South Korea, is an even a better reason for the items to have been out since March.

Well, come June 12, when Nigeria prepares to be dribbled (or not) by the original Maradona, I'll be wearing my one and only (and now old) Nigeria t-shirt bought for me over five years ago by my friend, Kaine Agary. She was so overjoyed when she found them in a shop in the US; she bought for as many people as she could think of. If you consider that Kaine hates football, yet was willing to buy Nigeria shirts, you'll understand just how much we are wasting a wonderful opportunity to unite the country some more.

And let me say it here, as for the next World Cup, I have just decided by God's grace to personally produce jerseys and anything I can put a label on, if Nigeria qualifies. Let me see who'll stop me. And in spite of Tuesday's match against (whisper) Saudi Arabia, Go Super Eagles!