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By Ichemati Gift

Poor air quality has been of serious concerned in the Niger Delta

area as a result of the illegal refineries been operated in the region.

It has been the source of poor quality diesel which contains high

sulfur content when is a serious treat to the people in the region

which is the major source of the black soot. It’s a serious threat

because when used in diesel engines or heavily duty machinery it

emits sulfur dioxide which is produce by the combustion of fuels

containing high sulfur. Sulfur dioxide is a moderate lung irradiant

along with N02 is a major precursor to acid disposition (acid rain).

Emission from high sulfur diesel fuel contribute to the deteriorating

of air quality which is turn affects human health damaging crops

forming acid rain and lowing visibility in addition to the negative

impact on the biodiversity and ecosystems.
The diesel powered vehicles, industry and illegal refineries are all

potential source of the pollution. The study is the first of its kind

that addresses the sulfur issues in diesel and its effects on vehicle

emission and ultimately on air quality. It aims to analyzing the

impact of the consumed high sulfur content in diesel fuel on Urban

Air Quality in Niger Delta, investigating the possible approaches

and measures to minimizing diesel high sulfur content of which

ultimately reducing various emission components specifically from

diesel powered vehicles and industry to decreasing the negative

impacts on the environment and human health is an additive

Reducing sulfur or diesel to control air pollution is versatile activity

involving many groups of people as producers or those affected by

air pollution, an answer for the following questions is required

what is the best way to reduce sulfur in diesel and improve air

quality for Niger Delta to meet ambient air quality standard, the

min of environment, health and other agencies like SON are

currently mandating lower sulfur content in diesel fuel, which is

reflected partially on mitigation of air pollution by controlling diesel

powered vehicles emission level and issuing regulation to produce

low sulfur diesel.
Defining the responsible agencies in implementing whatever

necessary is a vital step toward acceptable air quality. This can be

done by planning a strategy to limit the sulfur content of diesel fuel

copying with require vehicle technology that applies in industrial

countries and avoiding uncertain human exposure of diesel

Studies on impacts of diesel powered vehicles emission on human

health, reduction of exhaust emission and increase public

participants and awareness using different media and languages,

combinations of strategies methods technologies new fuels and

solution of reducing urban diesel harmful emission should be

proposed for the case of Niger Delta.
It is a collective responsibility of the government, NGO private

sectors and the general public to achieve a common objective to

improve the air quality.
Director at Boardbill Energy Petroleum Marketing Company

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