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Governor Yahaya Bello The Problem Of Every Cabals In Kogi State

By Lukman Ahmed
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The cabals seem to have lost hope in Kogi state to the new direction of the government. No wonder within the same political party, some have chosen to be the opposition. His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello, have chosen to work with the youth, because he felt they are the leaders of tomorrow. This have made the old generation leaders in state who had failed the people repeatedly uncomfortable and they have chosen to fight the government's policy at any given opportunity.

In view of this, the cabals don’t lose much if they dedicate all their time attacking the government of the day and for that matter you because for an opposition, they have to make you look as bad as they think of you and even sometimes as bad as you are not. In fact, you need to ignore these cabals and worry less, if you truly want to deliver on your mandate. The only language that pacifys them is to see that they have no relevance before the people. A desperate opposition is understandable because it is the nature of being in the wilderness of politics.

The man in government should be relaxed, demonstrate dignity and focus on their achievements and the way forward. There should be efforts to calm those losing patience down and also offer them hope of a better tomorrow in the most dignified way. This should be the body language of people in control of the state of affairs. An opposition doesn’t have much explanation to do as the government in power.

How can your message get to the people when those you pay to speak dedicate the precious air time to talk about the opposition? The more you talk about a person, regardless of the content you make the person more famous, they should dedicate their precious time to educate the people on your various achievement across all sectors in the state.

To the youth, the Governor have given us an opportunity to create a better Kogi state of our dream, we must not fail in him. We have been entrusted with this kind gesture, so it's time to take the bull by the horn and let's put the cabals to shame in any future election.

Comrade Ahmed Omeiza Lukman,
Former Chairman Nigerian Community in Ukraine.