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Uncovered: Opposition plans to Bomb Awka Flyovers

By Ejimonu Udenka

A sinister plan by desperate opposition politicians to bomb the iconic Awka flyovers just to discredit the Obiano government has been uncovered. The scary plot which sounded like a movie script involved members of a cult gang operating out of higher institutions in Anambra State who were allegedly sponsored by opposition politicians. The arrow-heads reportedly met with their leader at popular drinking spot in Arooma Awka on Wednesday 30th May 2017 to fine-tune strategies before execution.

The leader of the gang simply called Baron let slip the grand plot after drinking more than enough red label whisky and was overheard boasting that the bombing of Arooma, Kwatta and Amawbia is the first in the series of actions that will show “there is no security in Anambra.” In what may be described as providential, a young lady in their midst who felt sufficiently alarmed about their sinister motive thereafter alerted a security personnel on the development.

Wonders they say, shall never end, but as scary as this revelation sounds, Anambra State is under siege from all fronts by paid elements whose agenda is to create mayhem similar to the street wars that led to the destruction of many government properties in 2004 and the abduction of a sitting governor.

Following a tip-off from very competent source, it was confirmed that the investigation has advanced and that the coalition of evil opposition are funding what they call “Operation Destabilize Anambra,“ with foreign currency with willing participants receiving between $5,000 and $10,000 American dollars with bombing or pulling down the bridges as the major distraction.

Already in other to give vent to their devilish intent, the chorus men have been deployed on social media platform like facebook, whatsapp and twitter to shout that the Awka flyovers are collapsing. The expectation is that the loud shouts will scare commuters who make use of the bridges. To buttress their spurious claims and doomsday choruses, they have found it convenient to shout about the barricades against the use of the bridges by articulated vehicles and trucks using it as excuse to build momentum while they perfect their plot.

Attempts to confirm the development has not yielded any response from the security agencies but a highly placed source in the Police said that they have received complaints concerning plans to cause security breach but assured that they are ready for trouble makers.

It would be recalled that following several attempts in the past to discredit the Kwatta flyover and scare commuters, the construction company and engineer reassured ndi Anambra that the integrity of the project is not doubt and that the flyovers are very safe. The statement signed by Engr. Frank Nwebeh, Principal Consultants of Fasdaon Associates, a firm Chartered Engineers and Consultants stated: “It is strongly believed that the foundations of the entire bridge structure have attained its expected maximum settlement. I wish to assure His Excellency the Governor of Anambra State that the said flyover and indeed all the three flyover bridges along the expressway in Awka are not under any threat of structural distortion. The bridges are stable and safe.”