Ekiti PDP's fit of fear

Source: pointblanknews.com

Ekiti PDP has again inundated the public with its weather beaten but puerile allegation that ex-Governor Tinubu of Lagos State has budgeted huge sums of money to influence the judiciary and buy newspaper editorials.

Apart from the fact that Ekiti PDP is suffering from a fit of fear, it is clear that the constant fear of Tinubu has become its major ailment. For the avoidance of doubt, Tinubu does not need to buy newspaper editorials as the gory events during the gubernatorial re-run election in Ekiti and the revelations during the trials that followed, were beamed live to the world and  scores of journalists  tasted the unpalatable apple of violence forced on them by the PDP.

Newspaper editorials on the recent judgment in Ekiti are only a reflection of the frustrations and expectations of the reasonable public who expected nothing short of justice for Ekiti people.

 Tinubu was neither responsible for the announcement of fake results in Ido-Osi during the re-run election nor for the amputation of the limbs of hapless Ekiti citizens, the whole world saw it.

It is very sad that the PDP always accuse others of what it intends to do. They had earlier alleged that AC leaders were attempting to bribe tribunal judges before the Ekiti Election Petitions Tribunal delivered its ruling but the subsequent judgment proved the PDP as deceitful. The PDP has denominated everybody and everything in terms of naira and kobo and this reflects in its approach to issues.

The lie of the PDP chairman is exposed when he said Tinubu paid Sowore, publisher of Sahara reporters to expose the 3 billion bribe-for-judgment scandal. Tinubu's pictures and negative story were on the same website, posted by Sahara editors for more than two weeks where he was called unprintable names. So it is the same publisher that he will pay to write a story in his favour?

We wonder why the PDP is jittery over its purported victory at the Ekiti Elections Petitions Tribunal since it boasts daily that it has confidence in the majority judgment. It should wait for the Appeal Court to review the verdict and should be comfortable with any judge handling the matter since it is a question of law.

 The PDP's incessant accusation of opponents' desire to bribe judges is a gross disrespect for and an affront on our judges and the judiciary, as lacking in integrity. We advise the PDP to stop insinuating that our judges are susceptible to inducement from politicians.

We urge the media to ignore the tantrums of the PDP and concentrate on informing the public correctly and giving opinions in their editorials to reflect the mood of the public as they are doing on the Ekiti saga.

We also admonish the PDP to concentrate on how to defend its pyrrhic victory at the Appeal Court rather than transferring its aggression on the media for its failure and the fear of imminent loss of a stolen mandate.

We reiterate our absolute confidence in the integrity of Nigerian judiciary and we believe justice shall be done for Ekiti people at the Appeal Court, fairly and equitably.

Yemi Adaramodu
Director of Communications
Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation
May 25, 2010