France Presidential Election: A Big Lesson For Nigerian Democracy

By Usman Mohammed

Avail me a space in your highly reputable, formidable, ever growing and widely follow to extend my immeasurable congratulatory message to the young and democratic president elect of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron. A 39 year old, a former economy minister, took 65.1% to Le Pen’s 34.9% to become the President of France.

Congratulations on your well-deserved victory. May the countless and unending blessings, protection and guidance's of God Almighty rain on you to succeed and move France to more positive direction without division within the country.

In the light of his victory, a 35-year-old Diane Shima Rwigara has declared her interest to run for the presidency ahead of Rwanda’s election later in the year.

Rwigara expects to run for office as an independent candidate. She revealed her manifesto which entails eradicating poverty on Wednesday.

“I will be tackling poverty, I will be tackling injustice, I will be tackling insecurity. In the last 23 years RPF has been in power, they have not been able, not only to eradicate poverty but even to give Rwandans the minimum, most Rwandans are dying of hunger, they have nowhere to live,” said Rwigara.

I pray fervently that one day Nigerian youths would take the centre stage in Nigerian democracy or political system starting from 2019 general election.

However, I call on to Nigerian electorate especially the youths to be wise enough to see beyond candidates of political affiliations, party and selfish interest candidates and elect the honest and competent among the youths regardless of their parties. In doing so, they circumvent the parties largely counter productive region-based sharing formulas that persist at the expense of integrity and competence.

Now we Nigerians are paying the price for electing many opportunists simply because they belong to the APC and were endorsed by then Presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari, now they are the main problem most especially at the Red and Green Chambers (Senate and House Reps). They only represent their interest and protect their pockets! I hope that now we have learned the hard way so that we make corrections before the time, in other to avoid or to repeat the same mistake.

Now Young people are rising all over the world to take responsibility by taking leadership to build sustainable platforms for the Nation, and youths in particular. We too can do it here in Nigeria.

Nigerian Youths Arise, let lead Nigeria to Greatness.

Arise O' Youth compatriots, Nigeria's call obey!

Lastly I call on the National Assembly to pass the Bill of #NotTooYoungToRun now as a matter of urgency because it is the time now to train your child to take up the responsibility of the family (house) than later in the future.

God bless Nigerian Youths.
God bless Nigeria.
BY Usman Mohammed
([email protected])
Department of Mass Communication, IBB Varsity, Lapai-Niger State.

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