Journey to the Land of Enchantment...

By Melanie Miller
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I have journeyed to other lands, and for years...I seen pleasant and enlightening magickal things.

The rain that falls is magick, and the mountains are magickal as well.

I stand alone and feel the raindrops caress my alabaster skin...

and I feel at peace with the Gods.
I take a candle of a special color and incense and light it, then do my incantations, and spells...

that I know so well.
The ritual has now begun.
It is fun to cast my magick on a stormy night.
I will take a magickal flight to a paradise of dreams and loveliness...

and feel blessed.
It involves the spirit, mind, soul and heart to cast my bit of magick.

I am one with the earth and feel solace take over.
I look at my four leaf clover and make a single wish for love to come my way.

The sacred spell has been cast, and I face those mountains of angels before me,

but I will get lost in another time and place, if I am not careful.

I will weep at times, cause' love does not come quickly enough, for me..

but I know also...that my magickal love spell will work in time, and I shall find him, one day soon...

and he will come to me riding his white horse and smiling at me.

The candles are all lit, and glowing just for me.
I smile at them all, one two three, in a single row, and they are blue, white and pink.

You would think that the magick would work right away, but magick takes time,

and the time will come for me, all I must do, is be patient and love will knock on my front door...

and then the Love of my life, I shall have forever more.

Yes..I will take that journey to the land of enchantment with my new love.

the end...