Actress, Mercy Aigbe Steps out for Church Service After Battery Allegation

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Mercy Mercy, oh our darling Nollywood diva, slaying mama that never disappoint and each time she steps out, she keeps giving her fans various fashion styles to clap about.

The actress has been trending for days now based on allegations that her marriage is going through troubled waters but she is yet to say anything about it despite various pictures making the rounds.

Hmm, well, as human, they are bound to go through challenges anyways and her problem is not our problem but she has gotten some of her fans wondering if the trending allegations are true.

Well, Mercy stepped out today looking so clean for church service and fans have been asking if truly she was beaten considering the level at which the allegations have circulated.

Madam Mercy, keep enjoying your life and do that which pleases thee because you are a queen in your own lane.