Kumasi City Mall To Breathe New Life Into Tourism In The Ashanti Region

By Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel

The euphoria and excitement, tens and thousands of jubilant indigens and a battalion of both foreign and local media personnel. This is what characterized the entire city of Kumasi last week when the ultra-modern Kumasi City Mall was opened.

The many jokes and memes that came out after the opening only showed the extent to which the long awaited mall has been keenly awaited.The mall which is estimated to cost about $95million covers a land size of about 15 acres. Now go to Asokwa, a suburb of Kumasi and you cannot ignore a massive architectural edifice that stands right in the centre of the town alongside a massive interchange and the Baba Yara Stadium.

The mall has many shops in numerous categories including groceries, beauty, electronics, clothing, pharmaceuticals, jewellery, entertainment and some recreational centres .

Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel agents takes a critical look at how this new mall will breathe new life into tourism in Ghana’s garden city.

1. Added value - In every big city all around the world, there is a mall. A shopping masterclass that allows both domestic and foreign travelers to have all they want in one place. From shopping to recreation, you are confident of having whatever you need there. This new Kumasi City Mall brings with it an added value. Many tourists who come to Ghana now will not use a shopping mall as an excuse to stay in Accra anymore, There are many tourist sites in Kumasi and the Ashanti region. However, tourists look at more than just a tourist site and hotels. Access to basic things such as a grocery shop, a cinema, a hospital and other hospitality services is very very important to these high spenders. Getting all of this in one place just makes the city attractive to tourists. Welcome to Kumasi.

2. Employment - One of the many challenges facing the youth in Ghana and particularly Kumasi is unemployment. Although Ashanti’s are naturally hardworking, there is a deficit in good jobs that can accommodate the increasing numbers of young graduates in the city. The opening of this new mall opens the doors for many more youth to be absorbed into the hospitality sector which directly impacts tourism . The need for caterers, chefs, cleaners and other labour workers alongside shop keepers and managers makes way for a reduction in unemployment numbers.

3. Cross entrepreneurship - When we critically look at the benefits of the mall to tourism, we can also pause to look at the benefits of tourism to this mall as well. Sellers will sell more and the mall will become busy most of the time because tourists will frequent this place. A big mall like this demands numbers to fill up and raise revenue. Tourists are the number one shoppers and although local people may shop, window shop or utilize other recreational services, it is the tourists who spend a lot of time and money here. There is cross business going on here as the mall can be used as a selling point to attract tourists into the country whereas shop owners and sellers can also make substantial income from these tourists.

4. Publicity - The mall is also another avenue where tourist organizations, Online travel agencies and tour operators can market themselves. Acquiring shops or setting up pop up shops will give shoppers and tourists an avenue to make enquiries, book for hotels and flights as well get all information they need in one place. Other ways where tourism can harness the platform that this mall has created includes the use of electronic screens, flyers and banners to sell destinations and tour packages as well as promote tourism in Ghana . Where best to sell the tourism industry than the place where all the tourists and potential travelers will more likely be?

5. One Stop Destination for all needs - Whether domestic or foreign, every one needs the level of convenience where he/she can access all they want in one place. Especially for foreign guests who visit the city for the first time, it is quite refreshing to know that they can just walk into one place and get everything. No need to move from one area to the other looking for basic items which is very costly. Just a trip to the City mall gives you access to everything. Shop for groceries, get fast food, shop for clothes, electronics, book vacations, visit the dentist and get some jewellry and paraphernalia. It’s quite an amazing experience. You get all you need. All you have to do is walk in.

Well,well,well, after all is said and done, Kumasi has a mall too now. Business will boom and the benefits are endless. All we can hope for is a better management and maintenance culture to ensure that the facility lasts long and fetches more revenue for the owners and several industries who benefit directly and indirectly from it. If you are in Ghana as well and you have never visited Kumasi, there is one more reason for you to go.Welcome Kumasi City Mall, welcome development!

Credit : Bennet Otoo , Jumia Travel