Stand And Fight Against Corruption

By  Binta Zakariya and Margret Dennis

Are you a good citizen of Nigeria? Are you aspiring for change in our country? We must begin to look at corruption on a broader skill if we indeed want to fight it. We must not just be pointing fingers at the politicians and public office holders, after all the politicians and public office holders are not the only people engage in this evil practice. Our country has suffered for a long time and it is time to be up in arms against this canker

Corruption is misuse of public power for personal gain by dishonest public holders or elected official. Such misuse of authority comes in the form of bravery, converting public fund and property for person use, suppressing the rule of law for selfish reason. Corruption has caused us in a great measure. Many of public resources are lost through this diabolic practice. Many government employees leave their posts before the required time for closing and yet they take full salary. Many come very late or do not come at all, and no one is complaining.

Corruption was synonymous to politicians and top office holders, so any time corruption is mentioned, all eyes turn toward the direction of politicians out there.

It is high time we understand that the issue of corruption is deeply rooted in every aspect of our society, from the home, to the school and to the work place. It is difficult to pinpoint the genesis of it. As the past administration has vowed to fight it, instead, they get themselves involved in the act of it. As of today, corruption has grown from the federal level to the local level and from the local level to the family level. This has to stop, but how do we go about it?

President Muhammadu Buhari has promised Nigerians that he will fight corruption at all level. He vowed to arrest and prosecutes both former and present public office holders who looted public funds. Every day, we hear of all sort of monetary atrocities that these public office holders have looted, and you begin to wonder if this people are really good citizens.

The fight against corruption should not be left for President alone, but it is the responsible of everyone to fight corruption. A small group of the entire population cannot do it alone. Everyone should be involved both the Muslim, Christian, traditional rulers, business men, youth and children. Let us be honest, fighting corruption should start from the federal level. If the top is free from corruption, definitely the downward will also be free from corruption. As s way to sanitize the system, let us emulate the developed countries.

To ensure positive result from fighting corruption, government should work to strengthen the Judicial System to ensure that all citizen irrespective of status, affiliation and wealth is subjected to the same authority. Anyone that breaks the law is subjected to the same kind of punishment.There is no special treatment for anyone as long as you are Nigerian. In order to fight this canker called corruption, we must have broader base approach to the issue and look at it on a broader skill than just sitting and pointing accusing fingers.

Binta Zakariya and Margret Dennis
300 level students of mass communication. University of Maiduguri

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