Brewing Conflict In Uganda: Who Ate My National Cake?

By Omar Kalinge-Nnyago

April 23, 2017
According to Venas News Uganda has a total of 45 tribes the majority of whom are Bantu speaking.

Opposition political organisations, their leaders and followers in Uganda are under pressure to sound politically correct, i.e., non- sectarian, hide their religiosity (unless of course you are born again and would like to associate with the first family), say they are fighting for “democracy”, “good governance” and “the rule of law”. No wonder the opposition has been unsuccessful in capturing the imagination of the local people like us who don’t use philosophical or globally trending terms to communicate.

To remain relevant, the opposition are fighting more wars between themselves than with the enemy. Some are very happy that they are widely covered on TV and Radios. Some are happy that they are the larger opposition. A case of dwarfs comparing their heights.

The crux of the matter, really, is that: The Commander in Chief, The Chief Justice, The Inspector General of Police, The Commissioner General of Prisons, The Chief of Defence Forces, The Commander SFG, The Director Internal Security Organisation (ISO), The Head of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), The Minister of Security, the Governor of the Bank of Uganda, and and and... are all from Mr. Museveni’s region, and/or speak a common language or dialect. You know better what is happening in the other statutory bodies, authorities, departments.

Even within each of these institutions above, the leadership is dominated by those that speak the language of their heads. So, no national language is needed in departmental meetings.

Unless we can sit down NOW NOW NOW and talk about this frankly, and agree a power sharing formula for Uganda, a violent struggle to change this situation is inevitable. If there was any need for a National Dialogue in Uganda, it should be to agree how to share the national cake. No ethnic, tribal, language or religious group can dominate a majority for three decades (a generation) and nothing terrible happens at some point. This is not rocket science. It is common sense. It too has evidence in history in Uganda and sister Rwanda.

We can avoid what happened to the ‘Aminpeople’, ‘Obotepeople’ - from happening to ‘Musevenipeople’. Or, hide our heads the sand, dig in, arm our tribesmen and simply wait for the obvious. The highest responsibility to defuse this situation lies with Mr. Museveni’s own people carrying the guns and the money. They hold the key.

This is how we the less sophisticated, with backward, obscurantist, sectarian, village mentality, some of us belonging to Mr. Museveni’s own regional, tribal and/or language group by the way, who can’t appreciate that God recently decided to give extraordinary intelligence and abilities to only one type of Ugandans, to dominate others - look at the situation.

And we are not few.
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