AfriOne: Inside one of Nigeria’s Smartphone Assembly Plant

By NIPC Intelligence
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AfriOne Nigeria Limited launched Nigeria’s first assembly plant geared towards the manufacture of smartphones and other consumer devices. According to a spokesperson for AfriOne;

This marks the availabilty of the first in-country produced smartphones for sale in then Nigerian marketplace.

The fact that AfriOne range of smartphones are said to be the “first Nigerian-made smartphones”, is true to a certain extent. The assembly plant located along the Oshodi Expressway of Lagos state assembles smartphones and other devices from imported components.

The AfriOne assembly plant was launched with the Champion and Gravity range of smartphones but will produce more consumer devices and accessories. AfriOne co-founder and CTO Hemang Kapur said;

We [will] offer a wide range of feature-rich and technologically loaded product lines from dual sim mobile phones to educational tablet PCs and even android smart watches

The assembly plant currently employs a staff strength of 150 — 200 one the lines, administrative and non-administrative staff.