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Nigeria's talented rap star, Eedris Abdulkareem, last Friday, 29th September, 2006, proved that fighting for him is a passtime when he took on his Nigerian Berlin based fans who had gone to be part of a show promoted to celebrate Nigeria's 46 years of independence in Berlin.

The show set for the Maksim Festsaal, Lindowerstr 15 in Berlin was set up following the success of his show in Switzerland organised by Joe Aihende of MLV promotions which saw the jaga jaga exponent engage his fans in one of his greatest show ever in Europe.

Nigerian Berliners wanted something to quench the yearning for a show so Ehizoya Golden Entertainment was contacted to set up shows to promote the artiste to support his new album project which he is recording at a Dortmund studio and of course to make merry as Nigeria turned 46.

Apart from the Berlin shows, other dates were set for Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Greece where the Nigerian Ambassador to Greece Prof. Ola Agbi was already in contact with other African Ambassadors.

It was at the opening show at Berlin that the bubble burst and the entire show was scuttled.

According to eye witnesses, Eedris had demanded for 3000 euro per show but couldn't justify that amount.

According to the source, “he arrived Berlin later than planned with his friends and crew including the TUCLAN group and was first taken to his hotel room. When he later arrived the show venue, he asked for some stuff which some people provided for him. But he also started being unnecessarily difficult. He started yabbing all Nigerians living in Europe . He suddenly started asking for his money before mounting the stage. The organisers made available the part payment which he rejected.

They gave him the full payment which he just took and in a dramatic vexation slammed the entire money on the ground. When some of the fans who were already asking why he was behaving in that fashion wanted to know why he threw the money on the floor, he dealt a slap on one of them and a free for all fight ensued which attracted the Bundespolizei and he scampered to safety.

That singular fight caused the other promoted shows to be called off. The Belgium show which was to take place Saturday, was scuttled as the sub promoters called on the Ehizoya people to hear that Berlin was a sham. This had a concomitant effect on the others set for Paris, Madrid, Athens and all.

A straight call to Isaac Izoya of Ehizoya Golden Entertainment confirmed the entire incident. He said “They told me about Eedris and his very erratic character but I didn't listen. I only wondered why he was not having a fair deal with Nigerian promoters. I wondered what may have happened about the 50 Cent encounter. Now I know better. Some thing must be wrong with his life. You could imagine a series of shows enough to make him a millionaire, If at 3000 euro each show, could you just calculate what he would have made? I only thought I was about to help someone improve his life I didn't know that I was dealing with a bad guy. What baffles me is that he threw a whole three thousand euro on the floor. He didn't know what he was doing. I strongly believe so. Some thing must be wrong some where. How can such a wonderful talent be such a trouble maker.

I hear he wants to sue me. His problem was that he thought that the other shows were already set and every thing was under control. When he now called the Belgium contacts, they told him of what they had heard about Berlin and so on.” A call to the TUKLAN Hamm base where he was staying was not fruitful as the number was not going through.