Where is Aisha Buhari? Nigeria’s First Lady disappears from public arena

By The Capital

Memories of Aisha Buhari excite certain incontestable truths: for instance, everybody knows she is a woman to love. That the ravishing First Lady is Nigeria’s sweetheart remains one of the epoch’s finest and incontrovertible truths too.

Thus her conspicuous absence from the social and political arena evokes feelings of disappointment and dread amid the nation’s sociopolitical circuits. The question on lips of everybody even as you read is the whereabouts of our beloved first lady, Aisha Buhari. She is relatively quiet these days.

Since her husband returned from his medical tourism in London, the First Lady has been disconcertingly quiet. Her quietness becomes more pronounced and noticeable given her activeness in the wake of her husband’s assumption of office of Nigerian President. Aisha was everywhere with a lot of hangers-on and favour seekers trailing her steps.

And few people will forget so soon how the online and print media broke in frenzy over her fearless condemnation of the political cabal allegedly cashing in on her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency. Aisha lambasted the cabal claiming they were reaping where they hadn’t sown. Predictably, things got to a head and the Nigerian First Lady was reportedly barred from seeing her husband in London by powerful members of the cabal that she took on.

This led to the intrigues that saw her leave London hurriedly at the behest of the said cabal. “The First Lady is not with him permanently in London, which should normally not be the case. She has had a few clashes with the cabal and she is not happy that they are also firmly in control in London. That’s why she goes and comes. She is not happy with the atmosphere over there,” The PUNCH newspaper recently quoted a source thus