Lord, Heal The Afflicted

By Nelson Ekujumi

While growing up as a young man and even now as an adult and a father, one prayer point that is key when seeking supplications from the Almighty, is to pray for healing for the afflicted because no one is immuned and that is what this piece is intended for.

Surprisingly, since the 2015 general elections has come and gone, a lot of people in our land, high and low in stature and positions have been afflicted with strange ailments which is a product of their mindset and thinking rather being that of the environment or being naturally induced.

These are ailments that one can only pray that God should heal the afflicted and deliver them since one is not sure that they can be treated medically, but this position cannot be stated with finality, but can be subjected to further debate.

The sufferers of these strange ailments have continued to make utterances and conduct themselves in ways that questions directly their sanity as members of the human community and indirectly our sanity as a people because whether we like it or not, we inhabit the same geographical space and bear the identity of Nigerians.

The situation of these sufferers have become so critical that one cannot but draw the attention of the authorities and Nigerians to the situation at hand for humanity sake.

What are the ailments? They are the following:
1. Buhariphobia
2. Tinubuneurosis
3. Amaechineurosis
4. Maguneurosis, etc.
The above are the ailments that one can remember for now, one is hereby enjoining fellow Nigerians to please let's come together and pray that God should heal the afflicted and return them to good health before 2019 by His grace.

Once again, Lord, heal the afflicted.
Nelson Ekujumi

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