Before 2019 Democratic Ritual.

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The journey to 2019 election commences immediately INEC declared

President Muhammad Buhari as winner of 2015 Presidential poll. While

electorates were basking in euphoria of victory for change, the

political elites were busy navigating towards 2019. If you are

doubting this then check the melodrama of National Assembly leadership

for 8th Assembly. The inconclusive game was beyond claiming political

spoils but a strong pointer to 2019.
Therefore, it is expedient to prepare the voting public for another

democratic ritual year come 2019.
In the words of Harriet Tubman, "I freed a thousand slaves: I could

have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves". The

voting public or the fondly called innocent public have been in

perpetual political servitude to the political elites who are bent to

maintain the status quo of robbing our commonwealth at any breathing

space. A typical example of this is the current change mantra we are

battling with, which will be my pivot for this piece.

Obsession for Change and Political Gullibility Syndrome

Either you are the hailing hailers or wailing wailers, your patriotic

responses to these pertinent questions will define your true stand as

a Nigerian...
If Jonathan did not contest for a second term against PDP founding

fathers rules, and PDP fielded a Northern Candidate,

- will Buhari had won 2015 Presidential poll?
-will Rotimi Amaechi and other four PDP Governors defect to APC, since

the VP slot would have been given to lion of Ubima?

-will Senator BUKOLA Saraki have moved 37 Senators from PDP to APC?

-will Aminu Tambuwal moved his colleagues in green chamber from PDP to APC?

-will Obasanjo have withdrawn his support for PDP?
-will Buhari had seen these people to bank roll him?

Surprisingly, we clamoured for change without dissecting its agents

and constituents. Today, the change has brought us 12 out of 19

Northern Governors who were former stalwarts of PDP, 6 Ministers and

many as Special Aides. This list is not excluding other bigwigs that

made up APC.
I hereby put it to you if this configuration is a true change. The

narrative that somebody or a political party created mess for 16 years

is a gross fallacy and double insult to our collective intelligence.

Until we outsmart these political elites that keep holding us hostage

at all fronts, good governance will remain a mirage.

It is almost two years of change and our President has claimed to have

met our needs and yearnings. I think he is right from negative angle.

Our major problem in this nation is gullibility of followers not

really bad leadership.
To be continued....
Ifedayo Obi,
Lead Partner, Good Governance Advocates