The Darkened Hunger Clouds

Source: Mr. Adeola Ikuomola
The darkened hunger clouds
veiled the vastly valuable vales
like the branded crawling seas
disembarking abreast onshore
The deepest sighing cements
bleeding upon building blocks
greeted the grinning gardeners
with a sorrowfully beamed kiss
The spayed and castrated rays
prostrated upon the dying dews
like the scrapped moonlighters
nursing the air with nightmares
The deadly farms and factories
are yelling lions and wild tigers
breakfast was like masquerade
and supper served in the winds
Truth is a truncated manuscript
in the wastebins of false writers
awaiting the confirmed disposal
for deliverance from racial death
The night wept
As darkness was swept
The dawn rushed
As nightmare was crushed
The sun was a pot
Planted on the lonely spot
The sharp rays
Danced nude for the trays
The noon was as hot
As the confused communal ire
The life gate was shot
Against the feathers in the fire
It was best to pray
When the burden was on a pew
With love to spray
When sowing tears as we spew