Witch Magick

By Melanie Miller

Did you know that if a witch sees or spots a black cat or black dog that this is a good omen for a witch to see.

A long time ago, black cats wore destroyed as they wore thought to be devils, and this is why the Christians would

kill them.
I would never harm an animal for any reason or torture a live animal in any way shape or form, but there are many

folks that would do this dasterdly act.
Witches today are into magick that they did not perform a long time ago. But..still..there are witches that cast

magick that was cast eons ago.
I myself am a White Wiccan witch and I cast healing, protection and money spells and I cast a fortune spell, for someone

and she won over about four thousand dollars.
I met a ghost once, long ago, when I was the ripe age of fourteen years old. My grand mother seen the ghost as well.

We lived in a haunted house, my grandmother and I did.

She was into witch craft herself, at least, she read about it. We had loads of fun together, casting spells...and she was

a smart woman. She taught me magick that I did not even know exsisted. I learned a lot of magickal spells from her.

I want to become a bird when I leave this earth as I believe in reincarnation as like most witches do! There are many

folks that do not believe they can come back as an animal but I feel one can.

There are other religions that believe in reincarnation and they feel they will come back as a ghost, or spirit or bird or another

kind of animal or mammal.
I met a woman once that claimed she was Cleopatra and she was an intelligent person to get to know. She as well studied the

dark arts, black magick so to speak and we used to perform black magick together but that was such a long time ago. I was

only a teen-ager at the time.
I would love to meet new witches and wizards and learn more magick and I do cast magick mainly for the good and love to

cast magick with my friends. I have an uncle that is into magick and he gave me a spell book recently to read. He found it,

while on vacation in Florida. His wife and him went to an occult shop, I do believe and purchased it for me. I will read it, and see

if I can read anything interesting.
If you're into magick or just learning magick, you may wish to stick with the wicca spells or pagan spells. And be sure to ask a

deity to assist you in all your magick.
You may place berries and leaves and witches burr in the stick pentacle you may wish to make on the earth's ground, such as I

do and chant some words. It does not have to be from a book you read, as you can make up your own chants and sing to a goddess

or a god as well. They love praises. I praise Aphrodite the most and sing songs to her, I made up. I love to dance during my magick as well

and sometimes I dance for Aphrodites alone. She is a good and kind goddess and I much rather perfer to ask her, for things I need or desire

and I always thank her each and every time I cast my magick.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my story about magick. You may want to cast some magick and remember, Halloween is the best time to

cast any and all magick spells and be most careful what you wish for, you may get just what you ask for.

the end...