PDP CRISIS: Sheriff, A General Without Troop, Seeking To Destroy The Party - Deji Adeyanju 

By Prince Deji Adeyanju

It has now been revealed that inadequate consultations to critical stakeholders coupled with some failed spurious move to legitimize Ali Moodu Sheriff caused the collapse of last week's peace move engineered by the former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Alhaji Sheriff even with his court backed mandate has been like a General without a troop and has been working secretly with some of Jonathan's former Ministers to recruit some troops.

Thursday's Abuja meeting was the final strategy to give legitimacy to Sheriff using his name and platform of the former President to attract credible leaders of the party but the strategy failed when unknown to Sheriff the agenda was changed before his arrival late to the meeting which nits elf was disrespectful.

The personalities at the meeting, forum of Governors, NASS caucus, BOT leaders and members were too weighty for their earlier agreed agenda that Sheriff should address the meeting as the National Chairman. Instead the various organs of the party refused suggesting that since the meeting is reconciliatory the two leaders Sheriff and Makarfi should address the meeting with other key players like BOT chair to speak also.

Sheriff who arrived arrogantly to the meeting after all other leaders including the former President were seated was shocked to see the amended agenda and he flayed up and reined abuses on Jonathan for not being man enough to stand on his earlier words

Some key leaders went into a small room to try to resolve it but he continued the abuse on Jonathan and Rivers state Governor Neyeson Wike who was among the key leaders at the small room had to warn Sherriff against continued disrespect to the former President.

Sheriff's man friday Cairo Ojougboh who tried to join leaders at the small room was turned back by the leaders.

Even though the meeting continued after Sheriff and his team worked out, the development exposed the hidden agenda of some interests in the party who wanted use the person of the President. It also affected the credibility of the meeting because of what Sheriff said that exposed their earlier agreement.

Leaders who were bitter at Jonathan's handling of his reconciliatory moves were not happy that he has continued his undecided weak stand that brought the party to opposition, recalling the instability of the party under him when within five years as President worked with six National Chairmen, Ogbulafor, Nwodo, Bello, Barage, Tukur and Muazu.

Even during the Presidential campaign, he visibly sidetracked the party and used a civil society group called TAN a development that hugely contributed to the defeat of the party in a general election.