You are like a candle...

By Melanie Miller
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You are like a candle,
burning so bright.
I would love to take a magickal flight with you,
under those blanket of stars that shine so bright.
You are like a song, one that I can sing along with.

You make everything so shiney and new.
I love only one man, and that is you.
You are the wind, underneath my feet.
You make me feel complete.
I wish for our special love, to be forever and ever.

And I never want us to part.
You are my soul and my heart.
I love how the embers of your soul, connect with mine.

There is none other like you, my love.
Everything about you is just right, and together will climb a mountain so high.

You make me feel happy inside, and I always want to be your loving wife for the rest of my life!

I will never leave your side my dear and run away from our sweet love.

You are to me, a dream come true, my only hope is to always have you.

If ever you wanted to leave me, I would cry a river of lost tears, and I would be so unhappy, if I did not have you...

But...I feel we shall always be as one and that we will even go to the sun and see a brilliant future ahead of us.

So put your faith in me and you will see, that our love is meant to be.

Be that candle that burns so bright for me, and be my man for all times to come....

The melanie miller