Our Love...

By Melanie Miller
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Our love, is like an ocean of dreams and possibilites.

Our love, is warm, caring and affectionate.
Our love, is splendid and graceful.
Our love conquers all other loves.
Our love is wonderful and beautiful.
And above all else, Our love is so special to us.
We won't ever fall out of love, my prince.
We shall always save that dance for us and us alone.

You are my last dance, my idol...I worship.
You are the one, I look up to.
You're everything a woman could hope for and so much more.

You're the slice of heaven I have longed for.
You're heaven to me, and if I died, I would want to die in your loving arms.

Oh..how I can't resist your charms.
You embrace me close and whisper into my womanly ear, that I am the one, you love the most.

You're my dream, my fantasy come true.
I love everything about you.
So stay with me forever and we shall make music together for all times to come.

by melanie miller