Precious Memories...

By Melanie Miller
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I think fond thoughts of you and I...and together, we are smiling at one another.

Promises we had made to each other, came true and we always kept our words to one another.

You came to me on a white horse, painted with a black star on it, and you wore my white knight.

We took a magickal flight to another land and place and time.

You wore my dream come true!
I feel maddly in love with you...
You wore all I ever needed and wanted, my white knight, dressed in black.

You stole my heart away and made a real woman out of me, on our special night.

I will never forget that smile on your face, the first time we kissed.

I shall never forget our special love, my white prince.

You wore a god send to me and shall always be the only man for me.

I will love you for all eternity and then some.
When we meet in heaven, I will smile at you tenderly and you shall take my womanly hand.

We will marry one another in heaven, and be lovers for all time to come...

Just know this, I am thinking of you my sweet angel darling, and will always be the woman for you.

And know this too, I will be with you one fine day and forever we will be man and wife, just like we planned it, in the beginning, and we shall grow even fonder of one another.

You will always be the man of my dreams and you made my life feel complete.

You swept me right off my dainty feet and made me feel alive inside.

So know this as well my prince, I am your princess for all time, and we shall never stop loving one another, we will love each other til the sun falls down and the moon no longer shines and the trees are all gone, and the skies are vanished out of sight, and we will still be lovers, no matter what.

the end, by melanie miller