In My Dreams...

By Melanie Miller
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You're in my dreams, you dance inside my mind.
I am on a cloud when I picture you there just smiling at me.

I awake and the dream fades away, yet the thought of you, still lingers on...

You wore my everything, my every hope and desire.
You sat my heart aflame and I call out your name but you do not hear me, as you're so far away.

I wished you would come back to stay and this time, never leave my side.

Oh why did you have to leave me, why did you not stay with me, my one true love?

I shall always love you, need you and want you.
Whenever you need a woman to love you, think of me.

A letter, I shall write to you and send your way.
Maybe this will make you want for me again.
I know we spoke on the phone many of times and you said to me that you wanted her instead.

This hurt me so much.
I thought we would be together forever as you said Our love was a special bond, that no one could break and that no one would come between us.

Now...I see it was only lies, a fairy tale so to speak.

I pictured us holding hands one day, as I was in the park.

I was there when it was just getting dark, and thought of our first kiss, our first embrace there.

You and I wore happy back then, but now you have left me for another.

How can I face this world without you by my side.
I want to cry a river and just disappear from the world and hide, and wallow in my own tears.

You wore an angel to me but now..I do not feel you are this angel anymore..cause' how could an angel break my heart into like you did to me?

But all in all, I feel one day, you shall return to me and leave her along that dusty road and be with me soon.

I shall have hope for now, and just feel your presence surround my soul.

Yes! I will always dream about you and love you from afar, and you shall always be my morning star....

By Melanie L. Miller