Phone Tapping: APC Accuses PDP of Planting Story Against Buhari

By APC Youths Renaissance

Information available to us indicated that the failed attempt by the main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party to instigate Nigerians against President Muhammadu Buhari using the debunked phone tapping scandal was aimed at portraying the government as a repressive and autocratic regime ahead of this year's World Press Freedom Day which comes up on May 3.

According to our intelligence, the move was part of the grand plan by the PDP and the fifth columnists within the Buhari's government to start the demonisation campaign against his government which will be celebrating two years in office on May 29.

For Example, in their accusation, they claimed that the Department of State Service as an agency under the Ministry of Interior has started the recording and saving of phone conversations among Nigerians in it's system as well as monitoring and censuring of all Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp chatts and comments in the country.

We must state that the PDP and the promoters of the false report were not smart enough as the DSS as one of the three intelligence organisations that was created out of the old National Security Organisation in 1986 is not under the Ministry of Interior but under the Office of the National Security Adviser to the President. In other words, it is under the Presidency and not the Ministry of Interior as alleged.

Hence, in our analysis, the latest claim is a forerunner to the planned misinformation and campaign of calumny which they have designed against President Buhari but feared the security operatives may come after them for committing felony against the state.

Therefore, we are calling on Nigerians to be wary of plans by PDP and the fifth colunmists to deceive them ahead of Mr. President's two years anniversary in office on May 29.

Mr. Collins Edwin,
National Secretary,
APC Youths Renaissance.
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