Ali Modu Sheriff: PDP Architect Of Its Own Problem

By Usman Santuraki

The crisis that engulfed the Peoples Democratic Party can be best described as the creation of the party or the leaders of the party, who invited Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, to be its National Chairman.

How can a person, who is stain with so many unpleasant things be made the National Chairman. Today, the same man, who bestrode the landscape when the PDP and former President Goodluck Jonathan, was in the saddle is walking on the former leader and other stakeholders just because he was not given the chance to speak.

Those, that brought Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, in the first place as the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party has not done any good for the once flourishing party, that has been steering the ship of this country for sixteen years since the advent of democracy.

It is even so sad, that Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, was made the Chairman of the party in the first place. But because he has the backing of the then President Goodluck Jonathan, the whole Governors elected under the flatform of the party rally around him and today, he is paying them in their own coin.

A chameleon does not easily change his spot. As such, the Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, may not caved in and make peace for the overall benefit of the PDP.

A lot of people opined, that the Peoples Democratic Party made a very grievous mistake by giving the party on the platter of gold to Senator Ali Modu Sheriff to become its National Chairman.

What the Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, want was to use cronies, who can assist him to actualized his ambition to fly the flag of the party in 2019, though he dismiss it. But no matter what, it is incumbent on all the stakeholders to see, that the party remain a very strong and active opposition in order to forestall any unforeseen circumtances, that may thwart the gains recorded so far.

Therefore, it is necessary for the PDP to reorganized itself for the challenges ahead of it in 2019. Right now, the struggle is begining to take shape geared towards capturing the soul of the nation. It is also imperative for the party to strengthened it fold and for the stakeholders to bury their differences so that the party can play the role of opposition so effectively.

The stakeholders, which include those at the helmsman of affairs in states, National Assembly and ex Ministers should as a matter of necessity play a crucial role in seeing, that the once vibrant party is reawaken as it was before.

Honestly, what led to the defeat of the party was the recalcitrant disposition of the former President Goodluck Jonathan, who refuses to give chance to compete with for the ticket of the party for the election of 2015.

Also the non challant attitude shown to nip in the bud the issue of Boko Haram excercabates the defeat of the PDP during the election especially in the context of the north.

Therefore, for the party to forged ahead, it is necessary it cleanse itself from people who has a lot of questions to answer like Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, who was accused with so many misdemeanor. For the party to reclaimed it status, it need to go back to the drawing board and do things accordingly as enshrined in its book. The problems besieging the party today manifested due to the way, that things were handled whether it is inimical to the party or not. One of these problem is how Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, was made the Chairman of the party.

As humans, individually we have desires and ambition. Therefore, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, want to test the waters, that made it impossible to throw in and accept genuine reconciliation to make the party a formidable opposition in the 2019 election.

Usman Santuraki
No2 Santuraki Close
Jambutu, Jimeta-Yola

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